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I love to look at VPL's and enjoy them so much. I have found a website called where i can view to my hearts content. I have also been watching the winter games, i love those speed skaters.......

My passion began when i joined a cycling club and got close and personal with Lycra cycling shorts. since then i just cant get by without looking at a great VPL. 

In fact tight fitting shorts and speedo swim wear are my greatest attraction.......

randywest randywest
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

big bike rider here and have done a few triathalons and seeing guys in there cycling shorts, trishorts, etc is very exciting. some guys that wear the lighter color gear you can see so much! 2XU gear really shows off the penis lines well!

I love them too. I particularly like guys in white speedos. UK tv avoids any suggestion that male athletes might have a penis. The cameras are kept resolutely above the waist. In fact, it seems to be UK belief that no man has a penis; though they make an occasional exception for underwear ads, as long as the model is a celebrity.

You are spot on there oneofnine. I agree completely take David Beckham when he revealed his rather nice pants to the nation and all the press coverage he received.

Yes, Even the news coverage of the Winter games said that the rating were up because of the spandex outfits and they thought the cameramen were focusing in on it. Love every minute of it. I also know a few people in to the spandex fetish