I am in love with Visual Kei. The music is absolutely amazing; I listen to it for hours and hours. Its inspirational and moving. It gets my mind excited; sometimes I have to pause it to collect myself. Some of my favourite VK bands are Dir En Grey, Diaura, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, DELUHI, the GazettE, Sadie, Diaura, Chariots, NEGA, Moran, Aicle, D, An Cafe, Called Plan, SuG, Blitz, Blu Billion. Perestroika, Kiryu, Lycaon, LM.C, MoNoLith, Lin, Screw, UNiTE, MEJIBRAY, and moar.
Toukos Toukos
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

It's a music style too? I thought it was just a way of dressing.

Ahh no, the fashion is just once aspect of the musical style.