Vitas Is The Most Amazing Singer I Have Ever Heard

Vitas is known for hitting incredibly high notes....and yes, this is impressive. But Vitas is so much more than that. He is also a composer with great emotional insight, and a performer who can move you to the depths of your soul simply with the sound of his voice and his presentation.  One of my favorite Vitas songs has NO lyrics....just hauntingly beautiful vocals.  This is Dedication.  It was dedicated to his was that entire concert. I  imagine that he made this song with no lyrics....because words could not fully express his loss.  Having lost many loved ones including my parents, and a child...I identify with this.  No words are sufficient, but these beautiful sounds from that crystal voice leave me comforted and feeling that in this music we are woven together in love.

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1 Response Oct 31, 2009

he is really goood ... i agree with you.<br />
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what do yo u think of this..........<br />
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i d be interested in your comparison of the two.<br />
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