How I Met Vogue

In my teens were especially girls magazines that had my preference. I was about eighteen and my girlfriend at the time, who knew of my fetish for magazines, I told I liked Elle. A few months later she had a Elle purchased. That was a great success and soon my love for thick magazines was born. Soon I had also discovered the vogue and along with Elle, is now on my top favorite magazines.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I would love to be pegged with French Elle and covered in Paris Vogue's as I enter magazine heaven.

j'aime dans l'ordre glamour, marie claire elle et vogue, grazia aussi surtout les numéros spécial beauté et lingerie, ça depuis mon enfance, je me mets nu et je frotte mon sexe doucement sur le papier glacé, ça me procure un plaisir intense, étonnant quand même