My Round ***

i have a complete round *** my bf once put a drink on it my bf say that it is very sexxy and they can look at it for hours he presses it,rub it,spank it,spits at it,and plays with it he puts hands inside it and rub it with so gr8 pressure that i began shouting i love when my *** is licked once i was playing basketball and two men came and each started touching one side of my *** i was loving it also when i am on beach in a swimwear i saw a lot many men seeing my ***,some coming to befriend me and get a chance to touch it,my gym instructor also tries to slide his fingers through my *** ,once my bf put all his fingers inside it and try to put his whole hand man play various games with my *** like massaging it putting soap on it and then not letting me wash it smelling it biting it making it bounce up and down sliding their **** through it i also sometimes leave it filled with *** and enjoys as it starts falling slowly in public my bf once slept with his mouth lying inside my *** he say that my *** is divine and it should be worshipped lol max ,one of my bf even forced himself into the bathroom where i was doing toilet he say that he just once want to see my *** and then he will go i get angry and told him i am doing **** have some courtesy of getting out that horny only left after fondling with my *** stupid boys but i have got in trouble due to my sexy *** once,i was going home from work when three drunk bad looking man started commenting on my *** one of them leaped forward but i escape somehow i think my seductive *** can help me be a female escort or a model lets see
sexgodesspalak sexgodesspalak
22-25, F
8 Responses Oct 9, 2012

I would love to do the same as your bf

If you butt is anything--like your top -- you are definitely an 11 -escort ? you could make a fortune.

I bet you got a great ***.

That's great you like your firm round *** and I can understand anyone loves it. I'd sure worship your *** for hours, playing with it and making you *** over and over !

Really ?!?!

Well id love to see this ROUND *** ;-)

what is the measurements

your avatar looks good would like to see more

yes thats true,my husband is fan of booty...when ever we are out he keeps on touching, caressing...