Volleyball Girls' *****

I just went to a volleyball tourney over February break in Washington D.C. at the convention center, which is the biggest one of the year. My sister's team did very well winning 6 out of 7 games. It was very exciting. There were so many girls there in those sexy shorts that showed off their *****. Two of my sister's friends that were girl came also and we did the math on how many girls were there approximately. Since there were 102 courts, and pools of 8 teams per court, and about 13 girls on each team, there was about 10,608 ranging from girl ages from 14 to 18. I wonder if anyone notices or minds that i stare at the girl's amazing *****. My parents always wonder why I like to go to my sister's volleyball tourneys. Another great thing about this tourney is that I AM A HUGE RAVENS FAN and I got a super bowl 47 poster framed that is in my room. I can't wait for the next volleyball tourney; it is going to be on St. Patrick's day maybe i will get the luck of the Irish.
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Naughty girl , come here you need a spanking!

I would so love to see your pictures = I can see that you learnt something in your maths class apart from spotting a DD chest:-)

pics in profile

Well this explains why my brother and his friends always came to my volleyball games!

well duahhh lol you really didn;t think they love that sport did you ?? lol
are you a blonde ??