Helping the Homeless

I am a firm  believer that God sends angels to our earth to see how we will act towards those less fortunate. My children and I have many times passed by folks that were holding a sign-"hungry and homeless". Many times we have turned around and gone to a restaurant to buy these people food and drinks. NO ALCOHOL> soda if its hot and coffee if its cold out. At times, we have even given out money. I'll never forget the day it was me and my oldest son alone and we passed a man and his pet bird. We drove by three times when my son asked to go to the store and purchase food not only for the man but for his "pet bird" as well! We went to the local conveniance store and though we couldnt find any bird food, that didnt sway my son. He purchased sandwhiches, crackers and drinks including bottled water(for the bird). As we drove back, my heart strings were being pulled at. But until we stopped and got out and approached this stranger, I never really truly knew the meaning and depth of compassion. This dirty, rag clothed man never met our gaze as he slowly opened his sandwhich and delicately broke off bread to feed his pet. BEFORE he ate a thing! Tears rolled down my face as I saw first hand the love this man demonstrated by caring for his beloved bird before he met his own needs. Was this an angel sent down in the guise of a homeless man? I dont know. But God sure sent me a powerful message of love that day. A message I'll never forget. Love thy neighbor as thine own. Because of this experiance, I have gotten involved whenever possible, wherever possible, to simply show the world a token of love. My family has been active through church outreaches and we've made it tradition to go to shelters on holidays on our own to help pass out food and every year we secretly "adopt" an unsuspecting family at Christmas to shower with clothes, gifts, coats and other gifts. We choose to remain anonomous. If you have never done this, I urge you to give it a try. It is good for the soul! Pass along some love today!

princess4ever01 princess4ever01
36-40, F
Mar 2, 2009