I Love Being A Voluptuous Woman

I always wanted to join a group where people appreciated the fact that I'm no stick figure so I'm really happy to have found this one.  I am just as sexy as any woman, I have a huge sex drive and enjoy being sexy as often as I can.  But unfortunately the world is being poisoned on a daily basis when it comes to the bigger folk and we are not valued in society.  Not that we let this ruin our spirit, or our sensuality - hell no!  Thankfully we have people out there who do admire us and even find us hugely attractive (no pun intended).  I even managed to find a husband who thinks I'm totally hot - and he'd be right, I am! 
Sexy is a state of mind - there's nothing sexier than a person who feels sexy, knows they're sexy and loves being sexy. 
I have joined up here mainly to meet like minded folk and discuss sex and sexuality with them.  It's a fascinating subject and I'm an unabashed flirt, feel free to chat to me! 
BBWKiwimouse BBWKiwimouse
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I think that as more people become overweight, and I have heard that 60 of Americans are overweight or obese, society will start to appreciate what voluptuous women have to offer.

Your post is "Right On" Minimouse... We have been poisened since the late 60's when Twiggy came into the fashion scene and many forgot that women before that had curves and nice thick thighs, big round butts, and large breasts...<br />
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I'm glad you found this place as am I because my wife is a voluptuous little woman too and I wanted to show her just what you said, "there's nothing sexier than a person who feels sexy, knows they're sexy and loves being sexy" GREAT QUOTE... I hope that she gets it thru her head that Women with Curves are Hot, Hot, Hot... <br />
BTW... Welcome aboard...