I Love Being A Bbw!

I am a big woman and I love it. A lot of men can't appreciate or won't admit to appreciating a woman of my size but its their loss! I just wish I could find a man for no strings attached sex in my area that would treat me like a princess. They just cant appreciate a good thing when they see it I guess. ;-)
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16 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I'll bang you in a heartbeat when I meet you and I will continue to treat you like a queen.

I'm a man who lives in Raleigh, give me your # and i can show you my appreciation..

When a Lady is big on top I love them

I can get to Raleigh. Only problem is, it's Raleigh, Essex, England :-(

Would love to be in your neighborhood

I am one of those men who appreciates real women.

I think you hit a nerve with the posting here.<br />
Lots of men enjoy a larger curvy woman, and I think even more so when she knows she is attractive.<br />
She needs to reject all the peer pressure and media messaging that says stick figures rock.<br />
<br />
If she can overcome that, and project that level of confidence, men absolutely tumble head over heals for that look.

Big Women are Beautiful!!!

It's a myth that men don't like BBW's. Plenty of men find they are MORE attracted to their partners as they gain weight. The fashion and entertainment industry tries to brainwash men and women alike to worship at the alter of the super skinny body, but more and more of us are not buying it!

hi, dont worry, nobody is left alone in this world. be your self.

Hail to the BBWs ! They're fabulous and they give a man great sex,too.i'm talking from experience.So step forth bold n bersutiful Princess.The world awaits you.XoXo

I absolutely adore BBW!! I have never been attracted to the Barbie type. A full figured woman is so incredibly sensual. I live in Iowa. I so wish that we were closer to one another!

I really am suprised and then not so surprised. I think most people do not want to interact and go for what they think their circle goes for. There is so muc in the mind that needs to be explored. Sexual or otherwise ..... and then what matters is how free one is in expressing oneself and ones desires emothions etc and not necessarily what is seen. mind and what one can do with imagination and put that to practice is what should matter........ am sure you have many to choose from but you dont find them stimulating enpough...

i LOVE BBW...too bad you are not closer :(

I can , too bad you're not closer ;)<br />
<br />
I've dated quite a few big women or voluptous women. I find many very sexy.<br />
<br />
Bigger women have always found me attractive too. I think it's because I have a thinner build and opposites attract

I absolutely LOVE big women. What's your area? Maybe we can get together.