So voluptuous...does that mean curvy big breasted tiny waist nice curvy bottom? Or voluptuous...a little more meat on their bones? flabbier thighs and a bit of a tummy? Well i prefer the first to be honest, not skinny just toned and curvy.
Blondevixon Blondevixon
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I love gorgeous voluptuous women and have always found them more attractive compared to the hard body athletic types. A curvaceous figured woman is the way to go. Oh sooooooo sexy ;-)

Hopefully we can be friends Blondevixon :-)

Luv ur curves.

Toned and firm is not only sexier, but much healthier. A Godess in a mans life.

meat on her bones...of course that idea is all relative to a person's likes.

OMG! so right love those shapely curves.................

Some meat on the bones for me, but not to excess

My wife has many curves from her slender hips to her full, natrual 36c breasts. I encourage her to dress so those curves.


You can say that again!

Yes Myth you have it right. I think alot of people use the term "curvy" when they are trying to be polite about a lady having that little extra weight on them. When i say curvy i am thinking Sphia Lauren also, the hourglass, no flab but weight in all the right places like bottom and breasts.

Lol PT! I like that! The more the merrier! A nice bit of junk in the trunk hey?

i'm with you BV the more the merrier. lol

Me too jessica! Nobody wants a bone, just a little here and there in the right places x

I say a little meat on their bones, not truly fat, but with a few curves here and there.