Big Breasts

It is our 20th wedding anniversary next month and we are going to celebrate it in style, on the sunshine island of Fuertoventura, in Southern Spain.
Chris has a great body, well toned.and NEVER wears a bra (except for work). She has 38dd boobs, with nipples like saucers, which go deep brown at even the hint of sunshine!
When we go abroad, to Malta, Spain or Cyprus, the first thing I do is find a landmark, best restuarant etc..Meanwhile she gets unpacked, has a shower after a long flight, and crashes out on to the bed for a couple of hours. It has always been our habit.
But 4 years ago, in Turkey, we found our apartment at the top of the hotel (87 steps, I remember, because the taxi driver refused to carry the luggage!).
Once we had settled in, Chris went for a shower, while I went for a drink.
Leaving the room, I saw a sign 'Piscini', meaning swimming pool, pointing upwards. I followed the sign and sure enough, there was a rooftop swimming pool, a small bar, and a pool table, which caught my eye.
After talking to the barman, I decided to have a game of pool.
I couldn't help but notice that the guys (local staff I found out later) were leaning over the balcony, every time they finished a shot.
When it came to my shot, I looked over the balcony.
There was my wife, totally naked and her knees stretched upwards, revealing her gaping ***** to the world! She thought our apartment was rooftopa nd had no idea she had an audience!
I just smiled with the guys and pretended I didn't know who it was (saving us all embarrassment).
When I went back to our apartment, Chris was still lying out on the terrace, fast asleep.
So I picked up our camera and went back up the pool. I started taking pictures of my naked wife and suddenly, one of the men became angry.
He said:No,No. That is private!"
I then told him that the naked lady he and his friends had been lusting over was MY wife!
That evening, we could not buy a drink at the hotel. It turned out that the 3 randy Turks were barmen.
They had spent two hours eyeballing my wife's naked body and there she was,in the bar, wearing a white strapless (and braless) semi-transparent dress - unaware that these barmen had seen everything she had to offer on full display,just a few hours earlier!
I said nothing and we got the best waiter service you could wish for (much of it free of charge).
It just shows you, a nice pair of naked **** on a lovely lady (and an open *****) can beat any recession! It is the only holiday where I actually came back with money.
Here ends the lesson. Get your lady's breasts brown. You will save a fortune!
I have the photos if you are interested...but don't tell my wife!
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Interesting story, you must have been very exited to see the men drooling over the balcony at your wife, & proud to tell them who she was. Lucky man!!!! Has she really got no idea what went on, or is she playing coy, knowing that the sight of her naked gets ***** rock hard? Ps, if that's her on your avatar, she looks lovely.