Changed My Mind As I Aged

When I was young I always seem to fall in love with skinny girls . Just happened as I fall in love with people not body's . But when I was about 24 I met a voluptuous woman and I must say I still think of her . She was not chubby but had huge breasts and hips . And strange as it may sound she had the tightest ***** I ever had . I never lasted long making love to her cause I was so turned on and her ***** was so tight . Well after her I always prefer woman with more to them I like butts and boob's I love short voluptuous girls . Like I said I fall in love with the person not there body but I'm lucky the woman I'm in love with now is not skinny . Not fat ether but curvy and wonderful .
matydreadz matydreadz
36-40, M
May 13, 2012