I am big and sexy does anyone want to enjoy my body and *****??
slutgirlabouttown slutgirlabouttown
36-40, F
16 Responses May 16, 2012

sure would



id **** n make u enjoy it in real.

I would thoroughly and vigorously enjoy that.

A definite YES!!


Yes, I would like to meet you to enjoy your body and make love to you. Are you game for it?

I started a group called "I love fat" where I explained the attraction of a soft huggable lovable fuckable real woman with a real body. It sounds like you would be beautiful and desired by most men.

Thanks for your kind comment

I would love to use your body for pleasure!

Maybe your eagerness about sex causes the men not to take you/a romantic relationship seriously? I know that's happened to people with whom I'm acquainted. Maybe you should get to know the men and they you before you dive in?

if your in my neck of woods then let me know and I'll be pleased to see your every need is met!

You seem to be a very intelligent lady ! if u are doing what you enjoy and do it willingly, it doesnt make you a **** ! it makes you a lady who goes and gets what she wants ! more power to you ! a strong smart positive woman is a major turn on ! im peter . add me please . xo

would love to enjoy your body and you as a person. would like to spoil you in eery way

I would love to.

You will find many people who want to enjoy all of your body. Maybe even a few who will enjoy the woman who lives it that body.