I Love Women With Big Legs

I love women with big legs, to tell you the honest truth. I just simply get turned on whenever I see a woman with big legs.
thunderkat1982 thunderkat1982
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Big legs and a big ***. Oh yeah!

For me, it's a woman's big calves that turn me on.......makes me wanna wrap myself around them.

Huge calves are great too! Especially when they're quite round!

Yes, that's true:)

Some women have calves so round that they can barely get pants over them.

Very funny.

Yeah and alot of times they have cankles too.

Cankles? What's that?

That's where the calf is so fat that it grows into the ankle.

Oh, I understand what you mean:)

4 foot cankles would be great!

I agree:)

How about a huge butt?

Not really a fan of that.

I am! What else besides big legs do you like?

Believe me, just big legs...hehehe.

Good choice!

Thanks:) It is, even when the woman is pretty:)

It doesn't matter, looks good on all women!

I share your opinion.

I love to see everything big and fat on a woman!


And not just fat, huge!

:) As for me, woman can have fat legs/calves, but she doesn't always have to be too huge.

Same here....women with hearty appetites rock!

Of course.

Especially if it makes them big!

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