Taller,pleasantly Plump & Feminine Women Have More Terraine

I like older,taller(5-10-6-0) women who are a little plumper because that stature offers fuller,luscious thighs, ample ****/***. a taller women has the weight to dominate me. I luv the lady fragrance..perfume mixed with persperation of love makimg..that musky smell is great!
I'd love to just hump & squeeze her gorgeous thighs..all that soft flesh..& slap,worship & kiss
a mother's fanny. To be squished/wrapped by her legs as I ****** in her furnace-hot gash & her kissing & prasing my touches..
CD4mum CD4mum
51-55, M
2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

This Is why I really enjoy being Bi. It's the best of both worlds. Cute men dressed & cute women dressed. You can't beat it.

big women are soooooo wonderful! they seem so comfortable with themselves, and the ones that aren't are so meek and cute! while I was lingerie shopping one late night, I was selecting a bra, and an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS bigger woman was in the same aisle and she looked me right in the eyes, her smile said she knew I was shopping for myself, and was good with that fact, which indeed, of course, I was, I wanted to confess to her, and say more, but I LOVE my gf soooooo much! this lady was wonderful, and if she happens upon this story, please know that you are BEAUTIFUL, and all my love to you, this night was in Harrisburg, PA, in around 2008-2009, much love Lady!!!