Childhood To Adult

Ever since i was a kid i knew that there was something special about me the way i saw life and women and love i knew that women are one of the best creatiions well God made to great creations in my mind his first Jesus sec women gotta love them all not in a bad way just from the heart so i continued to live and i dated skinny girls but they where very materialistic and insicure even tho they say they are not i dont judge them but i prefere voluptuous women i love love absolutly love curves in a woman snd sorry for my spelling....anwyas so i grew up and ever seince i dated voluptuous women or bbws and i cant stop loving them so if you are voluptuous or a bbw know that there is a man out there that thinks i mean KNOWS you are GORGEOUS in his eyes most of all In Gods eyes you are made blessed and shinne your light for others to see!!!!!
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Dec 1, 2012