Voluptuous Woman

Are there still men out there that find voluptuous women sexy??
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I adore Rubenesque woman , with boobs and curves! flat chested stick chicks are anemic and a turn off to me!

Nothing like a woman that has a few extra pounds, more cushion for the pushion and is not skin and bones.

YES !!!! OMG !!! YES !!! i love them ... love those curves and love being able to grab on to something when we are ******* !!!

I think voluptuous women should be worshiped, you know they won't break and you have something you can embrace. So for me Voluptuous women = Real women.

most, i think, me especially *blush*

Of course they are! If you read any of my story you will soon discover how much I love voluptuous and chubby girls. Having seen my girlfriend going from skinny and bony to lean with some curves and then to plainly chubby and voluptuous I can really tell what I like better. And there is no doubt.. loosing my hands between her thick and squishy thighs or on her soft and folding belly is the best thing that has ever happened to me! ;) Are you one of those voluptuous wonderful things too?

God yea there's a few of us around still ... It's the mind that matters

Absolutely, yes :-).

I know of at least one voluptuous woman lover!

Definitely yes!

Yes there are

OMG. There are sooooooooooooooooo many out there! Who the hell wants a super model bag of bones when you cna have a REAL woman!

Yeah might be one or two of us left. ;)


yes there are us who are out here.I hope you will add me as a friend so we can chat.

Yes, yes yes!! Curves are awesome!

For sure , I 'd definitely choose voluptuous over petite :)

bones are for dogs, while curves are for men

Right here.

I love voluptuous women! Natural curves, big boobs and a huge luscious booty to go with it!!

there are a lot more than what you probably think there are

I love voluminous women. I believe it was the beautiful south who said "I like to hold someone I can see" (lyrics from perfect 10) x


I do

I love to **** voluptuous women!

I love women of all shapes and sizes. However I do prefer women with a fuller figure. I find it far more erotic to look at nudes circa 1920's (Arthur Allens photographs), due too the fuller figure.

Of course. Curves are wonderful!

On my god yes!

one answer... OH HELL YEAH!!!

Especially, when you find that niche that only a woman who is comfortable being a woman!! I read that comment some where on here.. Until I met someone who was voluptuous and oh so confident!! And oh so sexy sensual!!

YES... I prefer them to the thin waif's walking about or the Skinny Minnie's... <br />
<br />
A BBW is a lovely lovey preference any day...

i love them

We ALL do! some even some gay guys love a voluptuous woman

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes! any pics?


One right here.....

I think you can see that there are A LOT of men that find voluptuous women VERY sexy!!


Most definitely! ;-)

Yes, very much so!!!!!

Oh yes there are you bet there are and me included :) cheers

Are you kidding?



So much

Definitely do!

I definitely do.


Of course there are, my dear.


absolutely, I think that they are amazing, sexy, and an amazing turn on!

Yes the bigger they are the better

oh yes, voluptuous women are very sexy indeed, their bodies just scream, "look at me i'm all women" it fantastic to cuddle up to a curvy women and grab on tight

OMG girl, I love a curvy women! It's funny when I was younger I used to like the skinny, model like girl, but now I just love a girl with a nice *** and especially love a nice set of breasts

They are the sexiest

Just most of them...

yes there are

yeah very much...lol...flesh are for men while bones are for dogs

i find them both beautifull and sexy

Here I am...I love girls with some meat on their bones. Do you have big boobs? That's my favorite!

Absolutely! I much prefer curvy women to the rail thin models on magazine covers

I love them ... I love sexy curves bit **** and big *** ;-)

oh yeah!!

Yes, I do not want skin and bones, I want a woman that is soft, warm and cuddly