To Enlarge?

So I need an honest opinion. I'm a fairly big breasted girl (DD) but I've been thinking about getting enlargements. I'm single and have been feeling low self-esteem but I feel like this would help me...but then again I don't want to go TOO big. I don't know...I need advice!!
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I say do not do it. You definitely are not flat chested. Be happy with what you have and who you are. Be yourself, and exude your real beauty!

All the best to you!

I can help you on this subject. May I see pictures of you?

Forget about the plastics my lady. Nice, natural, breasts of any size are always better than anything fake IMO. Fake breasts are what they are. Fake and phoney. Depending on the implant job they can look pretty good or look really stupid. Keep your natural DDs real and natural. Don't put something in your body that wasn't meant to be there.

DD is a great size. I haven't seen them or you but with DD's at your age you have to be stunning. To be honest getting bigger boobs would be a temporary fix for self esteem.

Care for a second opinion? Come hither, you'll receive plenty.

Natural is always better. I am a *** man, and love them huge, but I would much rather have a natural C than a fake E, F, G, H, etc. You can always make them bigger, but you can't replicate the feeling of a natural breast.

There is a natural way to get them bigger--it's called pregnancy. I'll help you with that, lil' girl.

Low self esteem has to o with your mind and the lies you have heard about yourself and believe, I call it 'stinking thinking' to change that you need to renew your mind, external alterations will give you a short time lift. Naural is alway better because it is as God intended, most women want what you natural have, So I suggest find out the root cause of your low self esteem and you would be surprise by the outcome once you start dealing with it.

Don't think that big breasts will change who u r.

yeah i know just think they'd be fun

I'm sure ur fun. No need to fix what isnt broken. Spend the money on clothes, or a trip to ny :)

I think you look great as you are.