No In-between

I like big, voluptuous, Rubenesque women - or slim skinny girls with small breasts. In between just doesn't have the same effect. There's something about bigger girls that just drives me wild with lust and I long ago stopped worrying about what anyone else thinks about my preferences.

Undressing a big girl - or watching someone else do the undressing - revealing those gorgeous curves, big breasts, big ***; full, rounded tummy; big, soft thighs - releases the animal in me. I can get so much more uninhibited - yes, kinky - with a big girl. i love ******* over a woman's body, but with a big girl it is just SO horny I have to lick and suck my *** (or anyone else's ***) from her lovely curvy body!

My first mmf 3-some was with a couple with a very large, voluptuous wife. I was living with a tall, skinny girl at the time; she encouraged me to go and live out my big girl and bi fantasies all at once - she even met the couple before it went as far as sex. We went 'badger watching', which used to be a bit of a joke term before 'dogging'. We went to a car park at Fairlight, near Hastings, where in all honesty you might have been lucky enough to see badgers.

We sat in the car, me in the front passenger seat, they in the back seat. They started telling me how they sometimes had sex either in the car or on one of the nearby picnic tables, and how they'd get an audience of younger men, sometimes girls, too. She was telling me how she loved having these guys masturb8 over her while her husband ****** her. I happened to turn round, and he had undone her blouse and was stroking one of her huge breasts. I sat watching, until he said why don't I get in the other side and join in. Why not, indeed.

So there we were, fondling her lovely big ****, and she soon took my hand and guided it up her skirt to her very wet (and pantie-free) *****. Then her husband suggested we went back to their place.

In their lounge I watched as he undressed her. Her lovely curvy body was just gorgeous. When she was naked she undressed him, then they both undressed me. We were all stroking, kissing, exploring each-other's bodies. She watched, masturb8ing as her husband sucked my ****, then I sucked his. In the end I watched as he f****** her in front of the fire, then he invited me to take my turn. I love sloppy seconds! I love sex with a woman who has just had sex with another man. I knelt between her big, firm thighs and looked down at her very wet, inviting ***** and as I looked his *** started to leak from her. That was the first time I ate cream pie! And she was wonderful to ****.

Now i have a lovely big girlfriend who is my dream lover; voluptuous, bisexual, wants to swing, thoroughly approves of my bisexuality and my cross-dressing. Perfect!

56-60, T
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check out my wife lol