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My two favorite women in my life were definitely voluptuous.A 36 dd and a 38 dd.After them it is hard to be with a avg. women. I love the look of big breast clothed and naked love the bigger thighs and hips.  Both girls had great sexual appetite.The one I lived with loved sex hers were the first boobs I ever ******.She was on her period and offered something different.It felt good and seeing her boobs wrapped around my **** and looking at her smiling face and when i came she just rubbed my *** in like it was lotion.She was also the first women i had anal sex with I loved being behind her and pulling her strong hips reaching up to grab her large breast it was heaven.

The second women was married and i had known her a long time.I lived with her sister for awhile [she introduced us].Who although very lovely tall blond great body and face had a avg build perfect breast.But i always had a crush on her sister since the first time we met.But since she started dating a friend after we met and i lived with her sister it took a while till we got together.She was only 5' but had dd breast on her they looked huge.She to loved sex.The first time we got together was at my house she came by to say hi and was telling about her sun burn I had a aloe plant so I offered to put some on her .Well she was half naked while i was doing it and I was enjoining my self and she said "let's get nekkid" and that was the start of a long sexual  relationship when I saw her "nekkid' for the first time it was like a dream come true and she looked so hot [no pun intended]her bright red burnt skin next the white it made those huge boobs look bigger. I couldn't wait to suck her nipples and and bite  and suck her boobs.I remember kissing down her white belly to between her red thighs and trimmed bush she had the most perfect looking ***** I have ever seen.She would tell her husband she was going somewhere and come see me.Sometimes we even met in hotels.I miss those days. She also love her *** licked but thats another group

So I am hooked on voluptuous women skinny girls are OK but i sure love a girl with a little something extra 

dogfish2use dogfish2use
51-55, M
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I wish more men felt that way.