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I Was In Third Grade...

It's funny, how even the authors of kids' books get away with illustrating this kind of thing.

Anyway, I was enthralled by this kids' book called The Teacher From The Black Lagoon, and there was a moment, where a young female student popped her gum ,and because of this, was swallowed whole by the teacher. (It's supposed to be funny that the name of the girl eaten alive is Doris Foodle.) But that was where my fascination, and eventually my fetish with voraphilia, originated. It's one of two fetishes I have.

Now, my favorite type, is a transitional soft to hard vore.

Being swallowed whole, then digested alive.

Predator or prey? Me, always prey.

Best type of predator? Anything that can ingest a whole living human without resorting to
macro (i.e. Giantess)
micro (i.e. shrunk by black magic)

Of course, I also like the idea of being swallowed by a female human who has been born with a genetic mutation that increases her digestive capabilities and capacities (much like the only true girlfriend I ever had-rest in peace my love).

That's my story.
amytheinvalid amytheinvalid 26-30, T 8 Responses Oct 13, 2012

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Oh memories of my development years.

With me it was because of an encyclopedia of science fiction magazines . . . in the 60s there were sooo many magazine covers that had a shapely woman in a skimpy outfit in the grip of a ravenous monster.

It was never done for horror, it was only done for sensuality. The shape of the monster, the color of the monster, was all there to highlight her figure and her complexion . . . and these women didn't really look traumatized.

Later on I felt guilty about being so over dominant to women (and I was curious) so I entertained the idea of being prey.

In fact it was only a little while ago when I was the gingerbread man to a fierce woman who had me for dessert. It was wonderful!

i think I remember that book too and being very interested in that part when I was a child lol there wasn't a lot of similar vore things to come across but when I did I always seemed to be so interested but kept everything in my head because it made me feel wierd or embarrassed everytime.

Don't be :) inbrass your individualism and use it to scare others. It's really fun. I do it :D.

In my fantasy, I'm the predator (female human (even though I'm a male in real life)) I like same-size Vore with digestion and I like to do RP
If you want to RP (you be the prey) Kik me crandroid

What's RP ?

Roleplay. Vore roleplay is where two (or more) people message each other and pretend that they are actually in a Vore situation

I'm a fan of giantess vore.

Go to "Swallowed-Alive." Short cheap films where sexy giantesses will EAT you!

I too have vote fantasies. my fantasies it is I who have the power to shrink down my chosen morsal..usually a female..and then swallow her whole and alive so that I can feel her move around inside of me as I digest her.

I love vore my self i would love to be vored by a snake slowly while i'm naked and digested slowly it would be incredibly erotic and awesome but i don't think it will ever happen unless you know someone who has a vore snake :) and who lives in england.

Anacondas do the trick well; you'd have to travel to Brazil-Amazon Rain-forest to find the majority of the population though.

True. Otho some do keep them as pets.

I do not know anyone personally.

I think I'll try this fantasy.

I usually prefer being gnawed by giant women. But if this was a particularly feminine sort of snake then... yeah. EAT ME UP!

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And your other fetish is ?

Transvestism/cross dressing/lipstick. I often combine these fetishes.

Care to explain further as i'm curious to know?

Right now I'm a bit busy with other things. I'll explain another time.