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I am thankful for vultures because they clean up all the dead animals.

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Wow, that's tragic. Could you imagine all of the added disease, pestilence and other gross things that we'd have if they didn't help clean up after the "circle of life?" There are just way too many beneficial things in the world, even microbes and enzymes that take care of the bad things in our world!

We call them Turkey Buzzards. They are awesome birds out here in the country. They eat all of the road kill the rednecks don't get! LOLOL What's really cool is when they roost on the water towers that are outlaying. They are high up on the rail with all of their wings stretched out warming and drying in the sun. It is a sight to behold. They can hop pretty high too, to get out of the road so they don't become road kill!

We don't see many vultures in England. We have crows though :)

thanks sweet pea

thanks sweet pea

LOL Art.

I would love one.

I call them buzzards too. And of course I love them!

i like vultures too. they call them buzzards in the south.

Good for you fungirlmmm. It brothers me a little bit that so many people only like Natures "cute" creatures. X(…<br />
<br />
People also cheer the animal being hunted when they escape from the predator. Predators usually prune the herd by taking the weak, lame, and sick. <br />
<br />
Of course the some truly evil ones do capture there pray and force them to eat their toes...Dew

We call them "buzzards" :)