Early To Rise

Day has 18hours to work..well including house hold chores..I never do much work at home but still I like to wake up early. My reasons are personal, less or correct hours of sleeping makes me look good..my eyes..they are white and the hair is shiny.. skin is also happy..no I never ask ..just looking at myself I know I am happy. Sleep is important but why lose the day..love to see the sunrise..each day..it just make me feel..that sun has come to say..hey! you all what's up..I am here and where are you :))
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

LOL yep, sounds like a good Sun, asking where we are. :) I like your writings!

we go around it and make sun dizzy :))

lol I never thought that... that's why planets wobble, :) Well, I don't wanna hold ya up... I'm really hurting tonight so I'm gonna go stretch a while. It was nice to be able to talk to you! have a good day!

sweet dreams

Looks like I want to stay a minute, if you'll forgive the change of mind... looks like someone's having a rough night...

who ? where? how?

Sapphire33, she feels alone tonight... and still doesn't have work, I guess.

okay..be with her :)) good luck ..go go go

She's not responding, Hmmm. Tell me more about the sun. :)

sun is a regular and am i glad..it shines in the morning and i wink at it..at times

Like a friendship... that's an interesting picture. :D

yes..it is

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