This Is The Best Time For Sex, Mornings I Think

I woke up Sunday morning and the couple we was shareing a room with were going at it.  I watched for awhile, already had a erection from the previous night with them. Me and him swapped wives sat night and both got ****** fully. but his wife didn't have enough so we both ****** her at the same time, using her mouth her pusssy  together, and then we DP'd her. Of course her *** was only for him, like most marriages. they have to save something just for each other. She was a great kisser too, and she could deep throat both our *****, especially mine since I am 7 inchs, but is is closer to 9 inchs and she can deep throat him.

Anyway when I woke up, they were going at it, I got out of bed, and put my **** close to her head, and she grabbed me with her mouth and started sucking me really aggressively. Once he shot his wadd,  I moved in for the kill, and entered her aggressive ly ******* her for all she was worth.  shortly me moved in for her to suck his ****, and I continued ******* and *******. Then I got her into the doggy position and nailed her as well, then he took over and ****** her some more, while she sucked my ****.  Its a great way to wake up.

polycplseeking polycplseeking
41-45, M
Mar 2, 2010