Shhh!!! It's A Secret Of Our Flesh

Your smile ignites the fire within my soul. My body pressed against the wall, your hands exploring my body, I feel your lips brush my neck, as you pull me closer into your embrace.  I am addicted to your touch; it's like my skin is on fire; and I become a slave to your touch.  Touch me all over for I am yours once again. No sounds are uttered between us. We need no vocal explanation as we both know that the sweetest secrets of the flesh are solemn vows that will remain between us for a lifetime.
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6 Responses Apr 22, 2011

I love sensual writing and I can channel those emotions,. I hope you truly feel that in my posts.

Being in love with someone that much is the most wonderful feeling in the world and making love in that situation is as good as it gets in my opinion! The most wonderful relationships, I have found to be those that are ba<x>sed on a desire to mutually give all you have to one another, no secrets barred, no anger to share and more love and longing than you can express to each other in a lifetime of sharing life with all its ups and downs, curses and abrupt stops, but especially the sacred bond that your love has created. Warmth, passion beyond anything you've ever known and love and peace in your home so that it is the most important thing in your life and shall always be! Oh how I love her, my princess, my queen, my lover, my everything!

Thank you Doni.

You have a unique way of expressing the hottness of two people. I am impressed; and heated up. well done.

((giggles)) I like it sensual. :)

damn, you do know how to keep it hot.