Lovely Sunrise.....

I love waking up next to my man, smiling while saying "Good Morning" to him whilst being wrapped up in his strong arms, inhaling his scent...and feeling his steady heartbeat next to mine.... as we lay cuddled together makes me feel very happy indeed....I don't even mind that he snored the night previously, and slept on 2/3rds of the mattress...leaving me just over 2 inches of space to sleep on....LOL  
blackgirl71 blackgirl71
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4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

My favorite thing in life is waking up next to my nude GF by my side.

lol Hmm... I remember sleeping on a twin mattress with a honey a long time ago... didn't get much sleep... stayed warm, though. lol

Quit with your bragging already, lol. It's great when you have the right person in your life to go to sleep and wake up with :)

Ahhh...this is so sweet. I love that feeling too. I'm glad you are experiencing such bliss right now Girlfriend. You so deserve it. *smile* Just be happy that your tush isn't on the bedroom floor. Things could be a *lot* worse with a bed hog for sure. *laugh* friend you're making me blush....and lol to your funny comment, I suppose having an inch of space in bed is far better than being pushed out of it.....hahahahaha...;)