Just Some Headphones

hours of music i would walk around at night and not know where to go and i would take alot of turns and stuff just so i could get lost and listen to my music and stare at the night sky or just enjoy the outside sounds. sometimes walking around i realize how alone i am or how weird i am non of my friends do this and when i try saying something about i get a weird look or they say thats weird. i guess someone to walk with wouldnt be so bad. just walk slow and just talk and be mellow. but in the mean time its just me alone getting lost.
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5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I like sitting outside in my stargazing spot listening to music

i do the same exact thing i love the dark and the beauty of buildings with no windows or a train station where no train will come once every hour i listen to the weeknd alot when doing it too

i wish i could walk with you,i do the same thing,i walk in the dark,my street is has no lights,listening to my 80s rock and staring at the stars feeling all alone and small

i was always doing that when i was living at my old place but my new place is full of car

well find a new route one thats so empty

I can relate to what you're saying. If that keeps you happy you should keep doing it.

it keeps me happy sometimes not always sometimes i realize how alone i am