Home Alone

My last kid moved out just last month so I can indulge my passion for nudity. I love to walk around with nothing on and now I can do it all the time. Now if I could just walk the dogs nude it would be heaven. To me it just seems the natural way to be.
Margaret62 Margaret62
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100% agree. I wish I could go nude outside my front door to retrieve the mail and throw out the trash/recycling.

I will love to bee your dogs

Good for you!

Great. Good for you ! Check out walking the dogs with a open all the way type dress n the nude.<br />
Love n Hugs

My wife has learned to accept that I may be naked at any time of day or night. She doesn't like to be naked, but it is very liberating to finally gain her acceptance of my nudity around the home.<br />
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I used to look in a full length mirror and not like what I saw. Now I am very comfortable with my body image and am comfortable with who I am. Not perfect by any means, but it does encourage you to stay slim and healthy.<br />
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I even like the house cool when I'm naked. the feeling of the cool air on my body is great. Currently I'm naked in front of the computer and its 62 degrees.

Hi Margaret, I enjoy home nudity too but it's always by myself. My wife doesn't feel the same. I often wish there was a like-minded person, preferable female or a couple, living nearby so that the experience could be shared, be more social, even for a short while.

Try wearing a loose dress with nothing underneath, one that buttoms up the front, open it when no ones about. If you see someone you can pull it together.

Sounds light you are on the path! Isn't it the best feeling not to have any clothing binding you and everything hanging loose and free!!

I love walking around the house nude too. More so, now that the weather is in the 100's. Feels great when the A/C hits my back. There is a single lady across the street who has caught me naked near the window. I have found that lately she has become more friendly.

Nothing like walking around free and hanging loose no restricting clothing. My wife is not a nudist but i am and have learned to enjoy my new found freedom.

Amen to that!

I love being naked also and being able to play with myself randomly.Its just great