For Awhile Now

I've walked around the house naked, or partially naked ever since I was a teenager. Back then I had to worry about being caught. I got caught by friends a few times, and my mother, but never my brother or father. Now I don't even worry about getting caught. My house, my rules ! LOL
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12 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I grew up in a clothing op home, my sister and I rarely wore clothing at home. I blame it on my mom as she was topless or naked during the summer months.<br />
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I have two daughters that grew up clothing op as well, both now in their 40's, one still enjoys the nudist life style with her husband and kids.

I agree its great having a house and being naked anytime you want.<br />
The best is sharing a house with others that share your same passion of being naked!

Next time try wearing nothing at all!

Wasn't that the best feeling not to have clothes on.....nice to be seen with a thick pubic bush!

Recently the family was gone for 4 days and I was able to stay nude the ENTIRE time. Only risks I took during the 4 days included taking out the trash and getting the mail (both late night). One day a delivery guy came to the door, but I chose not to answer it. Maybe if it had been a delivery girl. :)

That may be the re starting of feeling totally free and loose! Who needs clothes at home!!

we believe the same thing. let us know if you ever want company. :)

So it would be alright if someone comes to the door and I am nude. Just have to let ppl get use to the idea that I am nude. I have already told my one neighbor and she was ok with it. So, I guess its ok. I also told my Ex that Im a nudist. I think she kind of liked the idea.

Oh by the way NudyDude how do you look in your birthday suit?

Am totally naked and loose!

If I am at home, I am naked. I built a 6 ft. privacy fence around my back yard and if I go out back, I go nude. The neighbors could see through the fence if they came up to it and looked through the cracks, but they would have to go out of their way to see me. But I don't worry about neighbors. My spa is in the backyard and I can use it naked or lay out in the yard without anything on and just not worry about it. Being naked, especially outside is awesome.

Hey why hid your body. I sit around the house as well naked and to top it off my windows and door is wide open. Its awesome