Naked Days

when I was around 14 or 15, I started experimenting with home nudity. At first it was in private, like spending time naked around my room, or when my parents were not home. I could never bring myself to take it to the next level, untill my mom walked in on me when I was sitting on my bed watching tv. She just said oops and turned around and left. It was a rush, and it was what i needed to bring it to the next level. So I took another few steps, I went from the shower to my room naked, and changed with the bathroom door open etc and then once again I was stuck. The fear of being caught stopped me from becoming bolder, so I knew what I had to do was...get caught again.
I was showering one day and turned off the water and put my headphones in. So when my dad knocked, I couldent hear him. Eventually he thought soemone just left the light on, and walked in. I pretended not to notice him and just kept drying myself, he grabbed somthing from the closet and walked out. This did it, I was raised another level, and now felt comfortable sleeping naked ( I have no door) and rather than briskly walk from room to room, I slowed down and took my time walking, I also would make myself midnight snacks in the nude. One night while I was in the kitchen, my mom walked in and got herself a glass of water, and simply said " man its way too hot tonight, your dad needs to get the air conditioning fixed" and went back to bed. And that was my new excuse, "its too hot". That excuse gave me the courage to do what I had to do next, go about normal activitys naked.
I waited a week or so, and eventually I sat down on the couch and watched tv completely nude. My mom walked in and sat down next to me on the couch and changed the channel.....we sat there and talked about the show that was on for a bit, but I noticed my nerves jumping, and I was beginning to panic because I had never spent more than a few minutes naked around anyone. I freaked out and had to get out of the room. I felt I had failed, and that I would never want to be naked around anyone again. But then I got to thinking...if I just outright stop, then it was all for nothing. So I decided, I needed to spend an entire day naked.
I didnt want to, I was more nerivous than ever, but when breakfast was ready that next day I had to tear the clothing from my body, and every nerve in my body was screaming " WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOUR NAKED, THEY WILL SEE YOU!!!" but I held onto that little feeling that I felt the first time I stood bare in the living room, the feeling of freedom. I marched into the dining room and my parents, now used to it didnt even react. My mom looked over and stared for a second, but that was all. I sat down and ate for a good 30 minutes. The feling of nakedness began to fade, and I just got up and sat down and watched tv. My dad went to work, my mom did laundry (sorta ironic). And as my nerves grew anxious again, a miricle happened. My mom walked past me, to the washing machine, and took her top off and put it in the laundry basked. I was shocked, and I realised what my parents had felt every time I barged in naked. She spent a few minutes topless but the feeling that I had rubbed off on her was amazing.
I slowed down on nudity, and felt I had climbed every mountain that needed to be climbed. From time to time I would watch tv naked, or eat dinner. But from then on I was comfortable with my body....its a great feeling
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You should have naked days with your mum

How was it seeing your mom?

Seriously thanks for the support everyone, Im happy my story may help. Its all about courage and taking things step by step, and I hope one day everyone can be at least as happy with their body as I am with mine

what a wonderful story of discovery both of yourself andf of a courage seated inside yourself, good for you and enjoy a life full of nudity and bravery. I have to say the nude part is WAAAAAYYY more fun.

Gr8 strategy. Not too fast or too slow. Atlast got gr8 result.


Feels good to know you can be nude and have no fear. My parents raised me in the nudist lifestyle so I have going in front of them all my life. Glad you did it.

I hope yer sleeping in satinsheets!

Bravo,<br />
You are a very brave soul!!!


Wow i also love being naked, especially sleeping nude.

I wish i had as much confidence as u :)

Wow!i cant believe even afraid removing a shirt

Nice story, i also love being nude but in the uk its not oftern warm enough to lose all your colthes outside, although spend most of my time in doors at home nude :)

They make camps and resorts for this sort of thing.

What a great story! I wish I could have been that brave. I spend a lot of time nude now and it feels great! I wish I would have started when you did!

A marvellous honest read. Thanks for sharing...

What an interesting account. Thanks for sharing - you are braver than I would ever be regarding family!