I Do It For My Dad

I like to walk around the house naked and show my body off to my Step Father. He loves to see my **** and I like him to see me. When I get out of the shower I like to wrap a towel around my hair then walk across the landing in the nip hoping to catch his eye. I had been doing this for a while each time he was upstairs until I decided one day t walk into his bedroom and climb into my mom and Dad's bed I lay there rubbing myself when he walked in. He asked me to leave but I begged him to join me in bed. Eventually he sat on the bed and I asked him to rub my *****. He put his fingers inside my and I lay there groaning until his fingers made me ***. 
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that is kinky as hell, but very exciting. I hope he keeps his hands to himself!


Would love to hear updates on this...

That is so hot and I love to rub your sexy *****

your step dad is a perv

are u in love with your stepdad

Such a good girl

My girl is the same way. Love it!

Here is a thought! You could walk around my house naked for me and my father!!!! Now that would be hot!

You know what you can walk arouund my house like that anytime you want I wont mind and neither would my roommates.

Ohhhhhhh my you naughty little ****, I can't wait to hear about the first time he pounded your ***** real hard.

I'm not sure, is that a fantasy or for real? If it's for real, I'd have no problem with it, but I think the olde lady might. I'm not sure how that would work out.

daddy's little girl sure knows how to make daddy happy

Some kind of fantasy......

Great story. Short but sharp.


I wish you were my step daughter i would love to see you walking about naked, and we would have sex together

Oh my god, that sounds so hot.

my stepdaughter did this to me also, with her moms permission as she had been exposed to her stepdad young and thought it was the right way to find out about sex...I was scared but happy to help her!


awesome story.

Wow that sounds a little weird but I'm getting turned on anyway.

Let me know if your parents ever get divorced.

the devil is proud of you , plz add me

Very lucky dad - wow

but what next, did you play with him

My oldest stepdaughter used to walk from the bathroom to her bedroom naked all the time she knew if I was in the living room I could see her up the stairs. She would leave the curtains open in her bathroom and bedroom so if I were outside I could easily watch her. She would come home if her Mom wasn't there and tell me about her all over tan and how she would use the tanning beds nude. After each experience and I would be ******* her Mom I would be thing about those hard little **** and her bushy *****.

It certainly would be nice to have a daughter like you. I would even love to have a young girl pretend to be my daughter and play some sexy games like that. If I was your daddy I would be helping you out any time you needed.

I can relate, I have a crush on my dad since I was very young! an very strong sexuall crush,even now,its weird,only for my dad! don't know when it started but every night I rubt my puki and wanted him to come in my room and do dirty (thats what my mom called, doing 'dirty') things with me,inpossible to come straight out like you did! so nothing ever happened,still fatasize about it

If you ever want to have some sexy fun on cam I will be your daddy and you can tell me what to do while you watch.

ohh i like to see it too

wow, hot story . thanx for sharing. xx

What a cool chic you are.

that's a great dollop of confidence you have there in your own body. good for you :)

What a great way to show your comfort with your own body and I am shure that he enjoyed it too, I know I would have

Thats ******* hot!