The Best Decision Of My Life

Being nude was always something that I enjoyed. After my divorce a little over 10 years ago, I decided that I was going to try living nude at home as much as possible. My kids were 5 and 7 at the time, so I figured that it wouldn't be too difficult to talk them into joining mommy in going clothes free. They took to it like a fish to water. We started out wearing nothing around the house and in the back yard. After a while, I was encouraged by a girlfriend of mine to go to a local nudist beach. OMG, it was amazing! I was really nervous at first, but the feeling of having the wind and the sun on my body quickly made me get over my shyness. The kids just loved playing on the beach and in the water too. I've met quite a circle of friends at the beach over the years and we all hang out frequently. I can't imagine living any other way now. We're all nude all the time unless someone has non-nudist friends expected over to the house. I highly encourage anyone who is thinking about it to just go for it and give it a shot.
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Well done and welcome to this wonderful lifestyle!! If you would like another online friend, please add me!

I enjoy being nude whenever and wherever I can.

Just as it ought to be. You made a great decision to be free.

I think it's the BEST feeling ever ;)

Agreed, my wife and I live in a clothing optional resort full time. It's great. Hope to meet you someday.

Its the best feeling in the world my kids were all brought up nudist and I have been a nudist as long as I can remember.The problem I have is the feel of clothing I honestly hate and dont wear anything if possible .I am lucky my friends nude and textile dont mind me being nude.

You can't beat the feeling of the sun all over when you're out in the fresh air naked.

How would one encourage a spouse to try nudism?

your decision to be naked so why r you wearing dress in this pic

so, how can we c u naked ?????????

I've been nude for the last two days. I haven't had to leave the house and it's summertime. We have high fences and a swimming pool. I've never worn a swim suit in the pool and neither has my wife. We've had kids over, but we never go swimming with them. I agree it is a wonderful and liberating life style. I even get the paper off the porch every morning nude. I look out the window first to make sure that no one is out there walking their dog or something. I do keep a robe nearby to answer the door if one of the neighbors drops by without calling first. I don't try to flaunt my nudity, but I do very much enjoy it when I'm alone or with my wife...who also wears as little as possible, if anything at all. Winter time is a little different, but summers it's skin, skin, skin.

Cute story

I wish I could convince my wife of it!!

Great story. I am also a nudist. I love the feeling of being nude outdoors. The feel of the sun on your body and a cool breeze between your legs.... There is nothing like it.

Nood is sooooo good!<br />

Sounds like getting out of a bad marriage freed you to do things you felt repressed to do before. Good that you allowed yourself that freedom. I share a love of nudity, but my family is much more modest. For that reason my nudity is limited to days when I'm home alone or during my weekly trips out of town in the privacy of my hotel room.<br />
Children are so innocent and honest. Have they ever told someone you didn't want to know about your family nudity, or is this so commonly known that you don't keep itfrom anyone?

Wonderful that your introducing your family now. Children are natural nudists, and become so much more well rounded due to their self confidence and acceptance. Good for you and enjoy this time with them

This sounds as the life of a happy natural nudist.

Wow, hot!!! Can i come by to visit?

A great suggestion!

i am glad you enjoy, i have a nude beach near me as well i feel the same as you, it is nice to be out there nude in the sun and wind

Great post, i enjoy it too at home and at camps! I have met alot of great people also!! <br />
Thanks for posting it : )

We fully support a choice for the nude lifestyle in any way. It's great to be without clothes!

Well said. I'm glad that a lady wrote it.

You captured the essence of nudism just as my wife and I did. Thanks for sharing your story.

It is an incredibly free and wonderful feeling. Good luck pushing your own personal envelope.

i;ve always wanted to try :) sounds a lil scary thro lol