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Naked Is New Black :)

I love being naked at home. When i bought my own house and started living alone, i had this urge to remove my clothes...
When i was 22 my girlfriend and i started sleeping naked and that slowly came to naked breakfast and now sometimes we spend entire weekend naked.

When im alone i walk around the house naked or just in panty, like im right now :)
It gives you sense of freedom and confidence in your body, everyone should walk around naked.

And yes it makes you horny like hell hehehe
aeonfleux aeonfleux 22-25, F 17 Responses Mar 28, 2012

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That is awesome!

Thank you all for your responses.. I was on a long travel so could not check my account. But I'm back and I missed ya all... More stories on it's was

Well said, fully agree with the reasons you state for living nude. So do we.

I relate to your comments about home nudity. I have the good fortune to work from home a day or two a week and when the house is empty I choose to be naked. However if the wife and kids are home, it's shorts and tshirt for me. Only a select few friends know what even my family doesn't know, that I'm a home nudist. How often do you dress when friends come over?

would love to be your neighbour

Pretty Interesting. What is the most wildest & difficult thing you have done while being naked ?

Just enjoy the lifestyle and be free from society's rules of nudism. I f you enjoy it, do it.

I am envious that you are so free. I live with my sister and her girlfriend and we often wander around the house, paticularly in the summer, in just our underwear. We haven't lost our inhibitions enough to shed the last bits of satin and lace ...however, our evening wanderings seem to have turned into a fashion show of our nicest panties, bras or sexy lingerie. :) Do you think we could be friends?

Thats nice to hear... :) you know i like roaming around in lingerie more than being naked... Nice lace or satin bra and sexy panties...makes us hot

And ofcourse we can be friends...

What neighbor would complain about beautiful women walking naked? I wish you all were my neighbors...

I live in a nudist household, and yes you're right about the feeling has a sense of sensuality to it too. I am happy to say I can play with myself openly, because the others are not offended in the least. I ********** several times each day and believe the pleasure is a blessing from our creator, and nothing to be ashamed about. Some of the neighbors have began to shed their ckothes too. I have walked with a friend, both nude several blocks down the street to another nudist friends place. The neighbors don't complain.

oh la la :)

Gotta walk round naked when your at home it's the unwritten law! ;)

Gud...nice :) hope u will come out naked soon ;)

Being naked with people in a social setting is also quite pleasant.

I agree, especially with your last line!

I would love to join u


We need more like you in my neighborhood. We could be naked in our homes and not have to worry about busy bodies with the cops on speed dial.

Hehehe me too...i need more like me in my neighborhood...sometime i like to habe a peek..