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I HATE wearing clothes when I don't have to, because I have a chronic illness that causes widespread pain and nothing seems as comfortable as being nude. Unfortunately, my mother who I still live with, is very prudish and thinks I am being "****-like". So when she's at work I NEVER dress after my shower, well not until it's almost time for her to get home from work. (I should mention that other than this we have a great relationship). Sometimes I have been so comfortable that I actually forgot I was nude and let the dogs in and out without covering up first. I have been caught by the neighbors a few times but no one has said anything about it to me. I keep a robe near the door that I usually put on first. Also the mailman and the UPS guy have caught me nude when they walked past the window before I could grab my robe. Again nothing was said, but my heart sure took a while to slow down.
My Aunt and cousins live down south and cold weather makes my symptoms worse sometimes. So in the winter I will go down there to visit for several weeks at a time. Well one day I woke to find my Aunt doing her excersices in the pool nude! My cousins usually don't wake until much later. I made coffee and toast and just waited for her to come in. Of course I keep peeking out the window so jealous of her confidence and freedom. She came in wearing just a towel, surprised to see me in the kitchen. She asked how long I was up and then asked if I saw her. I admitted I did and then blurted out I was jealous (I haven't had the nerve to walk around her house naked because I didn't know everyone's routine schedules yet.) She then let me in on a family "secret" that the back yard and the pool and hot tub were clothing optional and they (my Aunt and cousins Ken and Ann) NEVER wear suits out there. I then told her about enjoying being nude when home alone. She said there was no need for clothing here either. I was very happy but very scared. Could I get nude in front of my cousins? I could in front of my Aunt. I've always had a warm, loving relationship with her. Well she must have talked to Ken and Ann because later that week I was alone and nude when they came home from running errands. I had my robe on before they came in the door, but I guess they knew what was up because they said "Janie, we're going swimming if you want to join us" they went to their rooms to change but then here comes Kenny NUDE just carrying a towel. He was very casual and I tried not to stare (he's very good looking) I was just sitting there watching T.V. A few moments later Ann did the same thing. Well I lost all interest in the T.V. grabbed a towel, took a deep breath, dropped the robe and walked out into the sunshine. Oh why did it take me so long to learn about this wonderful feeling?
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Nudity is so freeing...I sometimes go out on my deck, and ***** down to feel the cool breeze rushing over my body. I'm happy for you!

It's natural and normal to want to be free and enjoy others as they really are. Sorry about your illness and pain, glad that being naked helps.

It is soooo liberating don't you this k


Nice story, I swim nude every morning, I am glad you are enjoying yourself

very nice story. Who needs clothes? But yes it does take a while to dare!

I would love to live with your Aunt and her Family, it would be like a blessing!

Feels great doesn't it, I've been a nudist from very young.

wish i had a family like that

Great story, and I'm glad to hear your family is cool with nudity.

It is great that your relatives and you can fully enjoy the ease which comes from being comfortable with nudity!<br />
Perhaps not enough people realizes that nudity and sexuality are two different issues!

I also suffer chronic pain and it hurts more trying to get clothing optional it became around here. More POWER to you.

I have never had the opportunity to live out life nude in an ordinary day. But I visited a nude beach last year and OMG I cant wait to go back! Something about the warm sun and the salty warm air on a naked body that just feels absoultely scrumtious! Good luck to you!!!

Great story. Hopefully this is just the beginning of you feeling comfortable enough to be naked around others.... In no time, you'll have the confidence and enjoy the same freedom as your aunt. Thanks.

That's a wonderful story. You have fantastic aunt and cousins. i hope you get to visit them more often. :)

Great family.

Awesome - we should all have cool relatives like that. Good for you.