Since I Was Young

I have always walked around the house nude, including when I was a kid. My parents were great and they weren't so controlling that they made me put clothes on. I could tell my mom wasn't so thrilled about it but my dad accepted it 100%. Even as I started growing up and developing I went nude, I'm not shy.(HAHAHA) My brother and sister tried it as well but didn't keep at it. When I moved in with some roommates we would walk around nude together. And now, married with two kids, I still walk around in the nude as much as ever.
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great to be confident and open. great lessons to instill in your kids

We also spend as much time naked as we can. Where we live in the north only allows us about three months a year. Our backyard is mostly screened by trees. Please add us after reading our stories. Thank you.

its great you are happy to be naked in front of others, from your avatar you got gorgeous curves, so keep getting them out and enjoy the freedom

I enjoy being naked at home or where allowed, too. Please add me!

Your a very beautiful sexy lady I bet you look great walking around nude

How do i get those private albums? Do you ym?

You are great that you managed to get over the rules. I am sure your husband and kids are proud of you same like your parents did.

I don't suppose my dad or mom were nudists. But have seen them both without much clothes covering their bodies while walking out from the bathroom. Mom used to say, home is the place where we can feel at home for our most freedom and to do thing we are pleased for. She didn't object me walking nude while at home but told me to take care to remain in my room on the day she noticed I playing my ***I* and it started poking up showing the skin rolled down.

Nude is the only way

Does the whole family partake in family nudism?

nice to be free spirited like that

hi then why u come here with clothes

great way to live . can you add me as your friend

A great lifetime habit.

great story ! like being nude too , but have to watch my neighbors can't see . they like calling the police .

I also like running around nude.
Please add me as a friend thanks.

I can see why people don't complain about your nudity. You're a very attractive woman.

There is nothing wrong of being nude.

I go nude around the house and I love it when my wife does it with me

Very sexy !

I grew up in a clothing opp home and was able to be naked from a toddler on. My mom would bathe my sister and I dry us off and send us on our way. We continued to share the bathroom through our teen years while getting ready for school.

Nudity was never a issue at my house, my mom was topless much of time, skinny dipping was common.

I still enjoy the lifestyle as much as I can.

I agree with swisscoffee go to a beach or resort and be with others outside as well as inside, it is even more liberating. That makes three of us are your kids growing up as naturists as well?

So cool having understanding parents and sibs. My sibs know but I think they still do not really accept or understand. Some of us are just born with a different outlook on things. I never ever thought of being without clothes as "wrong".

That is great is sooooo liberating to walk aroung nude!!

it great to hear that you enjoy still enjoy going about the house nude, you showed also try it oneday and visit a beach or do some nude hiking , i do enjoy that most, please add me i would like to see more stories from you thanks

Well done you!
Do your kids walk around naked too?

great! it was inspiring

Thank you for sharing your story. Your parents sound like great people.

I'm the same. I can't stand wearing clothes at home. All of my family members know and accept this fact. I live on my own now, so it is even better.

That's both righteous & courageous... (most people are so ashamed of their bodies its become a blight on society that is crippling people's self esteem on a mass level) ...<br />
People like yourself are doing the world a favor by reminding them (in your own small way) that there are some people who still have managed to ignore the negative social programming. Why not open your windows in the morning starkers..... so what if a teenage boy see a bush and some swinging **** for the first time in his life... the crime is that he has not... not that he might......!

You so rock!

I am normally nude at home even in the back yard sometimes.

Do you find your son staring when you do?

When I was 10/11 yrs old, my mom found out I slept naked. I got 10 lashes from a belt from my father. As you can see, nudity was not allowed in our house. When I got engaged, I moved into a small apartment on the second floor 6 mos before I got married. There, I started sleeping nude, walking around nude and even working out nude. Once we were married, even my wife walked around nude, but normally she would wear one of my shirts with no panties. Years go by, we have a daughter. I was still nude as often as possible, but wife changed and stopped being nude. Once my daughter was around 6/7 and made a comment to a friend of ours, my wife started insisting I at least wear undies. I never owned any since getting married, so she bought some sexy bikini types. I continued to be nude, but mostly when my wife wasn't home. Years go by and in our current home, we had an inground pool put in. Now I'm nude outside. I get caught a few times by my daughter, but she agrees to not tell on me. As the summer progresses, my daughter starts to get nude and sort of blackmails me. Come to find out, she's known I've slept in the nude for years and so has she. Today, she still lives at home, going to college and is nude around the house and by the pool when her mother is not home. I'm nude as much as possible, despite the wife complaining. If my poor wife only knew what her daughter does, she'd be flabbergasted. But, I'm glad my daughter made up her own mind, although I think knowing and seeing me nude may have helped.

This is exactly how I seem to be most of the time, I even enjoy going to the beach and enjoying the water and sunshine naked. I to am from So Cal and can be found most times at Black Beach in La Jolla. We were born this way, why should we have to cover up and made to think that being naked is some kind of crime!<br />
<br />
Craig<br />
<br />
P.S. I would like to be part of your friend circle..I am new to this site, how can we make this happen?

You go GIRL!

I'd love to have a woman like toy,not afraid of having a nudist family.... you're amazing and gorgeous.

I never gave nudity much thought. My wife and I have never worn a swimsuit in our pool. I've been home alone this week and the temperature has been over 100 degrees. When I'm home alone I don't like to use the air-conditioner. Since I work at home I can take a dip in the pool and cool down and sleep in the nude, etc. The other day, because I had not been out of the house, it just dawned on me I'd been completely naked for two full days. I usually keep a robe handy if the pesky neighbors come to the door without calling, however.

Have raised my daughters (now 14 and 16) with the same mindset. Nudity is totally acceptable at our house.

wow - awesome story!!

Your living the life of a person who understands the best things in life.

Only problem with nude little girls is the danger of vaginal and vulvar infections depending where they play sitting or squatting - in a dirty sandbox for instance. That's where panties become useful since they keep the slit closed.

lots of showers help haha

yes, but bacteria easily lurk in those folds

agree, but after a good deep washing its always been fine for me

Great story. I love being nude. Please feel free to add me.

Love your tale, as a naturist myself, being nude is as we should be.. Regardless of shape, co our, size or age, naked is beautiful.

its nice to know that you love walking around and about naked i like that

I am somewhat of an exhibitionist at home as well. My wife and I had a young female renting a room and (unknown to me) she spied me late one night. The next day when we saw each other in the kitchen she kept smiling at me and I just didn't know why. So after a while, I asked what was amusing her and she simply said she was up late last night...there's more but that will need to wait for another time.

i'd like to hear the rest

Oh it's quite a story but I need to develop the courage to relate it without regret.

we'd wait for you :D

I would love to see you nude.

You must look must look sexy being nude all day

i bet your dad not only accepted it but enjoyed it! ;) you ever notice he or your brother with a bulge lol

yes actually

so did you ever try to tease them and make them squirm lol


I went walking in the woods nude, but I also got lost. I haven't dared to do it again.

Great story, great attittude and wonderful that you are passing on body freedom to the children. What a better world we could possibly have if there were more of this and less judgmental attittudes. Plus, the comfort is amazing isn't it?

I am married to and have a 4 year old daughter and i still walk around the house nude,i also have answered the door nude,and surprised the deliverymen,and a few friends to lol,

are your wife and daughter nude as well?

I also am a nudest and love the freedom around the house and back yard. Would like to see more of you, hope you enjoy my page and stories.

I grew up that way too! My mom allowed me to stay naked, but I think she just gave up trying to get me to keep clothes on. I enjoy my nude lifestyle and wouldn't trade it for anything! <br />
<br />
Good for you, be comfortable and enjoy the feelings a nude life offers. I like the smiles I get from the delivery guys too!

I'm also naked at home as much as possible but never when there are kids around. I wish that I raised my family like you did so that everybody would be as comfortable as I am with nudity. I'm going to spend the next couple of days in a nude resort and can't wait......

Why not around your kids?

I really don't have an answer for that. I just never started him off that way and now that he's a teenager I just think it would be way to akward .

well you never know until you try, and if you can tell he is uncomfortable, stop.

Perfectly natural, I love going nude too! Enjoy your freedom, don't let anyone take it from you.

Good for you. I do it all the time. My wife thinks that I'm crazy. You have to do what feel right to you...

I really like walking nude around house. Its so relaxing and my wife likes it and joins me sometimes too. Thanks for posting.

HOT!<br />
<br />
Hello there. Nothing weird but I am 19 male. My name is Aakash Trivedi. I live in California. Idk where you live but I was wondering if I could give you my number? WE could just talk about anything lol. I can give compliments and try to make you laugh if you are feeling down? Or if you are bored or lonely? And If you want to vent/rant about anything, I am here haha. 1 408 772 8919. You are very beautiful and it would be fun to talk with you. Text or call me? Just make sure you tell me who you are lol. Just trying to be friendly and to show that we love you :) BIG HUGS :)

well I know you are in Cali but I am from San Jose haha

I was not brought up that way, very conservative catholic household. Even now we have the same beliefs and although i think its great I am too insecure to do so. But as for others doing it such as yourself, i applaud you and envy you. Good for you !!!<br />
However, i can be a bit of a self acknowledged perv and I think my conservative upbringing is the cause. I bet you got your **** together....and its all because you liked to be naked !! (joking, but you understand what im saying!)

I love to walk around the house nude. I do it at night when daughters are asleep or day times when they are upstairs. My wife kmnows I feel free this way so she doesn't ob<x>ject. Unfortunately I can't get her to do it as well. I especially enjoy being nude around others. Opportunities like nudist meet ups, massages, modeling or socializing with adult friends are a great source of fun feelongs being on display.

you should encourage her to try it, she might love it, and why don't you do it around your daughters as well?

That's awesome, girlfromcali. Hope you keep doing it.<br />
We in USA are so much more hung up about nudity. Nudity & sex are not one & the same. In European beaches, whole families are often together nude or semi nude without a hint of anything abnormal. I was at a Mediterranean resort, met a nice 30something lady in hotel. Later saw her at the beach topless, she introduced me to her mom, also topless, her dad in shorts & her about 10 yr old son who freely ******** down completely on the beach to change clothes. No one was feeling awkward.

i think thats beautiful

Good for you. Nude is a lot more comfortable.

only thing i wear when i am home is my callor unless i'm asked to get dressed because of company thats not cool with it

This story makes me hard and want to ***** naked. In fact I just did. ;) add me please.

Your very attractive:)

where do u live lol any houses for sale close to u lol

Does anyone walks around the house naked beside you?

my husband does sometimes

Have you guys had a guest for more then one day or even less? If so have the guest witness this? What was their reaction?

well unless the guests are comfortable around nudity, i do put clothes on, just enough to cover

Thats Hot! Would love to be your friend :)

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very sexy .can I ask you anything?


are you nude just now?


can i come around to deliver pizza

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Crazy, i remember seeing some european family all get naked together at the beach one day in Brazil, and being like, damn that 13 year old is seein his mom full frontal! But i guess if it something that is never really set as taboo, in a household it takes the sexuality out of it? Either way your kids friends must always be comin over :)

well im not nude in front of my kids friends, im not sure their parents would be accepting of it.

im nude whenever i can be at home... but not in front of the kids..... i know but im gutless i guess..... please add me as a friend

I agree, walking around nude at home is an experience I will never stop living.

I wish i could walk around naked my wife gets mad and <br />
doesnt understand. I have kids but dont force it on them but encourage it when they ask about it. I guess I'm going to a nude resort soon to be with like minded people...

wow! Good for you. I wish I could be that comfortable doing that. Thanks for sharing..