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Since I Was Young

I have always walked around the house nude, including when I was a kid. My parents were great and they weren't so controlling that they made me put clothes on. I could tell my mom wasn't so thrilled about it but my dad accepted it 100%. Even as I started growing up and developing I went nude, I'm not shy.(HAHAHA) My brother and sister tried it as well but didn't keep at it. When I moved in with some roommates we would walk around nude together. And now, married with two kids, I still walk around in the nude as much as ever.
girlfromcali34 girlfromcali34 31-35, F 90 Responses Jun 3, 2012

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great to be confident and open. great lessons to instill in your kids

Good it's healthy and natural

We also spend as much time naked as we can. Where we live in the north only allows us about three months a year. Our backyard is mostly screened by trees. Please add us after reading our stories. Thank you.

its great you are happy to be naked in front of others, from your avatar you got gorgeous curves, so keep getting them out and enjoy the freedom

I enjoy being naked at home or where allowed, too. Please add me!

Your a very beautiful sexy lady I bet you look great walking around nude

How do i get those private albums? Do you ym?

You are great that you managed to get over the rules. I am sure your husband and kids are proud of you same like your parents did.

I don't suppose my dad or mom were nudists. But have seen them both without much clothes covering their bodies while walking out from the bathroom. Mom used to say, home is the place where we can feel at home for our most freedom and to do thing we are pleased for. She didn't object me walking nude while at home but told me to take care to remain in my room on the day she noticed I playing my ***I* and it started poking up showing the skin rolled down.

Nude is the only way

Does the whole family partake in family nudism?

nice to be free spirited like that

I am nude as much as possible at home. I love it when visitors are not bothered if I stay nude.

hi then why u come here with clothes

great way to live . can you add me as your friend

I walked nude too and one neighbor used to watch us and she never called out as our apt. was where she could see the full living room we were 26 and 20 full tan as well

A great lifetime habit.

great story ! like being nude too , but have to watch my neighbors can't see . they like calling the police .

I also like running around nude.
Please add me as a friend thanks.

I can see why people don't complain about your nudity. You're a very attractive woman.

There is nothing wrong of being nude.

I go nude around the house and I love it when my wife does it with me

Very sexy !

Good for you not giving up the enjoyment of nudism now that you have a family. I hope your hubby and kids enjoy seeing you and participate too.

I grew up in a clothing opp home and was able to be naked from a toddler on. My mom would bathe my sister and I dry us off and send us on our way. We continued to share the bathroom through our teen years while getting ready for school.

Nudity was never a issue at my house, my mom was topless much of time, skinny dipping was common.

I still enjoy the lifestyle as much as I can.

I agree with swisscoffee go to a beach or resort and be with others outside as well as inside, it is even more liberating. That makes three of us are your kids growing up as naturists as well?

So cool having understanding parents and sibs. My sibs know but I think they still do not really accept or understand. Some of us are just born with a different outlook on things. I never ever thought of being without clothes as "wrong".

That is great is sooooo liberating to walk aroung nude!!

Very good story....i to try to be nude as much as i can around the house.

it great to hear that you enjoy still enjoy going about the house nude, you showed also try it oneday and visit a beach or do some nude hiking , i do enjoy that most, please add me i would like to see more stories from you thanks

Great Story!