First Time Nude

Of course it started when my parents were gone... but I wasn't really sure they'd left. So I checked the second story I was on thoroughly before taking off my clothes. I walked around, very conscious of the breeze on my body, and how quickly I was getting hard.

I looked down at myself, amused at my tallywacker waving back and forth, then started to relax. Another thing I noticed was my bum bouncing as I walked.

I'd always been self concious about my bum, even though I'm really fit everywhere else. I almost chuckled to myself, realizing my bottom was pretty bouncy, something I admired in the ladies.

My heart was beating harder as I started to grin. When I was young, I adored being naked, and was a long-time child nudist in the home. I felt like a kid again! I laughed, boldly turning and marching back down the hall.

I was naked!

However, my fun shortly died once I looked down the stairs. My brain was SURE my folks hadn't really left, so I leapt back into my room and threw my clothes on. Creeping down the stairs, I looked around. Nobody. That didn't stop me from repeating the search process; but, finally, I ******** down again. After walking thuroughly around, my fears still in tact, they started to die away. My heart beated faster, and the butterflies in my stomach threatened to take me up and away!

I sprinted forwards, running around the house madly, exhaulting in my hard extremities swinging like a flagpole while my bum bounced like so many beautiful female counterparts. I laughed despite myself! I was naked, and did I love it!
tanbum2012 tanbum2012
22-25, M
Aug 24, 2012