Naked Outside

Like most of us on here I love my naked time around the house, and of course i always sleep in the nude. The other night about 12:15 am our dog came to my side the bed and started to bark. Well that's a sign that she has to go outside and go potty...Abbie why now it's midnight...With my wife fast asleep I got up and took our baby girl outside to do her business of course she just can't go outside and go potty she has to find just the right spot, after about 5 minutes she finally went. We walked back inside and just as I layed down my wife wakes up and asked me if I went outside naked, I answered, of course, did you really think that I was going to put clothes on to take abbie outside especially at midnight. She didn't say anything else just rolled over and went back to sleep......It really did feel good to walk around outside and feel the night air on my naked body..
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4 Responses Aug 26, 2012

Nudity is one of the best feelings. My neighbor had a pool and on weekends at 11 or around midnight I would sneak out and go skinny dipping. I eventually got my own pool and continued to enjoy dipping at midnights while everyone else sleeps. Also love nude sunbathing but have no privacy in my new place.

It's not just the air on your naked body but the manner in which the cool night air envelopes you and chills you to the core. It feels great!

I, too, do that on a somewhat regular basis - except winter, of course. The warmer (or sometimes cool) night air feels great - and it provides the nude experience outdoors, but without the heat of the sun.

I do it sometimes and love it.