Not At The Moment.

I am naked whenever possible but it is -5c outside and the heating is struggling a bit to warm the place up so my clothes are on at this time.
But tonight after my bath, which heats my body right up, I will be joining you folks and be naked until the morning when I will have to dress owing to the temperature.

But for all you lucky people who are living somewhere nice and warm I say STAY NAKED!
You know it makes sense!

When naked I have easy access to my **** and can stroke it whenever I find a nice horny story on EP or get sent some nice naked pics of my friends all over the world.
Plus in the evening I usually cam with a young girl in another country and so I can let her see me easily without having to undress.
She really does have the nicest 18 year old ***** I have seen and I get to see her finger it for me a lot.
Yes I love to be naked and I love to **********.
Any one in UK near me that would like to come round and join me is more than welcome! (females will have preference!)
What about you?
kered44 kered44
70+, M
Dec 12, 2012