A Win/win Situation For Everyone

When I was 19...I was booked to do a s t r i p show for a woman who was going through a messy divorce. It was a surprise for her, booked by one of her friends, and she was alone when I arrived. Because I didn't have to entertain a crowd, I didn't do a s t r i p t e a s e, I just took all my clothes off and hung out with her, which was more comfortable for us both. We got talking and I told her that I was doing it tough and started s t r i p p i n g because I needed money, but found out that I loved it. She told me that I could come and live with her and she wouldn't charge me to live in her big house with her and her daughter as long as I walked around her house naked so that she and her daughter could look at me naked. I accepted the offer because it was a win/win situation for us both. I would get free rent and have women looking at me naked all day. They would get to see me naked all day too. Her daughter became a popular girl because all her friends wanted to come over, to hang out with her and see me naked. And friends kept popping by unnanounced for coffee. Everybody was a winner in the situation, and so many of them wanted to return the favour by swimming nude in their pool with me. So much so, that a sign was put up saying, "NO SWIMSUITS TO BE WORN IN THE SWIMMING POOL" and this was strictly enforced. Everyone could tell that I enjoyed myself so much, that they wanted to walk around naked in front of men too. So the nude beach became a regular family hang out, but I insisted that, if we went, I had to be the only male in our group. I assured them that there would still be lots of men there for them.
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well did you ever get to **** the mom and her daughter

Not together unfortunately