The Empty Nest Syndrome

I am 50.
I have 2 children and grandchildren. My younger daughter moved out this year.
Suddenly, after 18 years of marriage, children, companies that I had built, houses purchased and sold, several careers which I was lucky to have enjoyed, nannies, maids, employees... RESPONSIBILITIES..... 

Suddenly, all this is gone today.
There are days when Im not sure what to do with myself lolol... I have to reinvent myself. After a full life and a full house, suddenly I am found here today, by myself.

I am remembering what I ENJOYED a long time ago!
What did I like to do when I had no children? No husband? No companies....

I am an artist!
I love nature!
I enjoy laughter! Live Comedies... ohhhh... and something I have started enjoying once again ... walking around completely naked around my home. Sleeping naked again since there are no children anymore! So I am able to enjoy my space once again in a very different way! I am learning and I am learning to LOVE MYSELF again. 

Love and Peace!
SexxxyLeopard SexxxyLeopard
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10 Responses Jan 11, 2013

As a massage therapist I see nude bodies on My massage table. For Me, all I see is a grouping of muscles, but I also sense the liberty they feel. For the last 8 months, once the client leaves My residence, I ***** feeling the energy that has flowed into Me, and let Myself cool down a bit. Je me demande quel type d'artiste que vous êtes? If you don't speak French....sorry.... send Me an 'Friend' invite, and I'll translate

The kids never stopped me from being nude, I've raised them to not be ashamed of their bodies

I enjoy being nude at home as much as possable and always sleep in the nude

Enjoy. We are fortunate when we have the time, comfort, and insight to reinvent ourselves. Being old has it's challenges and some days it just hurts, but the freedom that comes with a little wisdom and a little courage is great. Having a willing spouse (as I do) makes it all the better. We are sharing what we like and what we're really like deep inside. And, we're reliving our youthful desires. Although we a little slower and more patient. Enjoy your freedom.

I am so with you! I am suffering from ENS, but am getting better!

Nice...can't wait to get there too. Your description is so wonderful

Please add me, I want to see what you end of doing, best of luck with what ever it is.

I remember those days. Just have grandkids over all the time. But I wouldn't change a thing. Just wish the wife would get horned-up once in a while.

No reason to wear clothes to bed, even with children. If they grow up with it, they don't think it is weird. Just teach them the appropriate times when they must wear clothes. In any case, enjoy your new found freedom. Perhaps look into going to a nude beach, swim nude, experience the joy of freedom from clothes.

Good for you.