Out Walking My Dog

ok so it was 3am and my dog was restless. this usually means that he needs to go out. since i dont have a fenced yard i have to walk him every time he has to go potty. well its been warm here the past few days and since i was tired and naked i decided not to put anything on while i took him out. ok i did put shoes on so i guess technically i wasnt completely naked, but other than that i was nude. it was so relaxing and liberating to be outside and naked. not to mention an oh so slight thrill. even though it was so late there is still that chance that someone could possibly see me since i live in a dense subdivision. neighbors on all sides of me. there is a wooded area that seperates the houses but the backyard is visible from multiple viewpoints. i also have roommates that could be walking by a window and see me. not that it worries me other than the fact that i dont want them thinking ive lost my mind for walking my dog while in the nude. well while i was outside i could feel the gentle breeze flowing across my body like the soft touch of a lover. it was beautiful. my nipples were erect and i felt truly free. what an experience!
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i'm naked, or close to it most of the time. favorite time of day is 1 to about 3:30 in the morning.. i like to turn of the security light and step out on the back deck with a scotch and a good cigar.. and just listen to the quiet with the breeze caressing my skin, it's exciting in more ways than one

yeah tell me about it. thats the feeling i had the night i wrote that story. i plan to do it again when it warms up.

I can relate to your story. Simular thing happened to me a few years ago. I also sleep nude. During the night I awoke and remembered a lawn sprinkler was running in the back yard. Just did not feel like putting something on to go turn it off. There were no lights back there, unlike the front of the house with street lights. So I went out naked, turned it off, came back inside.

i sleep naked too. since you have no lights out back, you should try spending a little more time out there. go out and feel natures sensuous touch all over your body. i can tell you its amazing. i plan to do it more often now that ive found out just how wonderful it is

We no longer live in that house. Our current house has even less privacy in back. Plus, there are children living next door and the two house behind us.

When we lived in South Florida, we were on a golf course and in a neighborhood without any kids. (Did not know how lucky we were in respect of being able to going nude in the back.) I would always be nude out by the pool and in the yard since there were shrubs blocking a lot of the view. Never got caught as far as I know.

oh no what a shame. ok this is what you do. stay up late when its a school night. wait until about 1 or 2 am atleast. then slap on those slippers and step out the back door. have a look around and take a deep breath. if youre feeling a little daring venture out into the yard a bit.

Been there, done that!

About two years ago, before a family with four kids moved in behind us, I set up my camera and took some nudes on the back porch.

We are planning to move again. Will keep outdoor nudity in mind when looking for a place. Wife often mentions it to me!

oh yeah. while ive been sleeping naked for some time now, ive just recently discovered how great it is to be naked outside. i used to put something on after i got out of bed but now i stay naked and love it. i think im becoming a nudist

That is a good way to begin to experience nudism. Works especially well for those sleeping nude. I have given my wife some nudist experiences, but not pressured her into it. But she has become very comfortable with staying nude after waking up. She walks around the house nude in the morning until needing to get dressed for some reason.

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