Love To Be Naked

I usually clean the house naked and since we live on a very large private plot of land with several acres can even lay out naked in the summer without usually risking being seen. I guess because of that I am naked a lot during the day if I don't have to go anywhere. I occassionally have the UPS or Fedex guy drop something off that needs to be signed. I used to put on a robe or cover-up but lately I just answer the door nude. At first it shocked them now they just smile and take it in stride.

Last summer I was out laying naked on the back deck and forgot that we had someone from the county coming by to take some land soil samples. He was this young fresh just out of college hunk and he just popped around the back of the house and about had a heart attack when he saw me on the deck. I decided to **** with his mind a bit and went over and told him not to be embarrased as I am often nude and don't mind him being there. He blushed all over and was so shy he could not even look at me, LOL. Natually I teased him mercilessly and got so wet but could not get him to even flirt a bit. Oh well his loss as I would have probably ****** the hell out of him.
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I know that's right, well like you said a missed opportunity for him..

You know love, some guys have been entrapped and exploited,. he was probably just scared

Nice! His loss.

Do you think he closed his eyes when he got undressed himself...?

Poor little thing.

Being naked is normal, it's just that people who still prefer to wear clothes haven't realised it yet...

I'm sure he's still kicking himself for not playing along with you :)


that is great. I love messing with people embarrassed by my nudity.

bare Hugs