Wearing The Same Outfit

My wife and I have a clothing optional home, and here are a few insights on how that works for us.

Anybody can wear or not wear whatever they want, whenever they want, including our dogs. We don't have a sign on the front door announcing our chosen lifestyle, nor do we force it on others. In fact, most people don't even know how we live. In the past, my wife has let a few people know I sometimes worked nude. She thought it was cute.

My wife is a little more reserved about having people know she enjoys being nude, and therefore is not as forthcoming about her being a home nudist. I don't care who knows I am nude at home. Before meeting my wife I had visited nude beaches about 100 times. With that much exposure (pun intended), and having been discovered by co-workers and friends, I found most people don't have any problem with it. I think many people are envious, wishing they had the courage to enjoy a nude beach.

Only once have I answered the door nude, and that was for my wife and our friend when they came home from shopping. As somebody with so much nude beach history, I am very comfortable being seen while nude. To a certain extent, like most social nudists, I must have somewhat of an exhibitionist streak in order to enjoy being nude while many other people can see all of me. Nonetheless, I don't answer the door nude for the UPS guy, or any other unsuspecting person. Nor do we keep our windows uncovered to where neighbors can easily determine our clothing optional lifestyle.

We are like many couples living this way, with the husband usually nude more then the wife. About a month ago we were painting the inside of our garage. My wife wanted me to do it nude, but I couldn't because I wanted the door open for the light and to move things in and out. She also enjoys being topless, especially after taking a shower and then wrapping a towel around her waist.

We work together from home and my wife sometimes finds it distracting for us to work nude. Therefore, we usually are not naked while working during the day. It just seems more professional that way. Personally, as a programmer, I find coding while nude the most comfortable way to work. No clothes getting in the way, tugging, needing readjustment, etc.

Finally, to illustrate our attitude about home nudity, just yesterday morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast and my wife came out of the bedroom nude and said, "Gosh! We're wearing the same outfit!"
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My home is a lot like yours. My wife is more concerned with "what will someone think" even when we are the only people home. So I end up being naked a lot more than she. I don't care what "someone" thinks and go naked outside where neighbors occasionally see me naked. By now they have more or less accepted me as "that naked guy." My wife, on the other hand, is concerned with what other people think. That is some basic difference between men and women.

I understand. I think my wife is a little like yours in being concerned about what people will think, but a little more about her nudism than mine! She does not want neighborhood children to see us. Neither do I. Plus, we have a few neighbors which are strange and would not mind causing us some trouble if they could. We are working on moving soon. Where we lived before she was not nearly as concerned about windows and doors being closed.

I don't know what the laws are where you live. Around here the law says that being naked is only illegal if you intend to cause alarm or affront to someone else. Often that means if you are naked on your own place minding your own business and are observed accidentally you are not doing anything illegal. If you go out to flash cars by the road then you are illegal.

As for children, I have always found that children are a lot less concerned about nudity than adults. Seeing naked bodies does not cause children any problems or concern. It is the up-tight adults who use "for the children" as an excuse to hid their own pathetic prejudices. Of course your up-tight neighbors might use that excuse. I hope you can move to a more comfortable location soon.

Couldn't agree more about the up-tight adults using the "for the children" excuse. My granddaughters are nekkid the whole time they come to visit Grandma and Pawpaw. They don't pay it any mind.........but thats because they get to live like that at home as well.

Thanks for the good wishes. We are vacillating between urban, suburban, and rural properties. Whenever we talk about rural property, my wife mentions I could go naked whenever and wherever. She is the one to bring the nudism angle. Isn’t she great!

As for children, I agree it is not bad for them to experience nude bodies in a positive light. Many of the nude beaches I visited had children of all ages. It is the non-nudist parents who could misinterpret somebody being nude in or on their own property. I rather play it safe.

A few years ago, at a different house, I had a close call when a little one from next door came into our backyard while I was walking nude across the family room, which had sliding glass doors. I was able to take appropriate measures as I saw them before they saw me. Nonetheless, I don’t want a child going back to one of their parents and say they saw the man next door without any clothes. Not a good situation.

I know its especially risky for men. So we have to play it carefully, but the girls live in a clothing optional home (for lack of a better word). They are so relaxed its amazing.

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