Naked In The House Why Not?

I love being nude around the house. It just feels so right. I mean i sleep in the nude, and that feels so great. I do keep a pair of shorts handy just in case of a unexpected vistor. But there was one occasion in the summer i had opened the front door a little to let the air blow thru. I was going back and forth from the living room to my office. When i heard an AHHH. When i looked the was a woman standing at the front door. Too late to cover up so i just acted natural, and said Yes ma'am what can i do for you? She stood there for a moment in awl. Then said I' am sorry didn"t mean to intrude. I said thats ok, what did you need? Well i was looking for ---- north main st. Well you are just about as lost as can be this is south main st.. Oh she said, again sorry to intrude. And she left but kept looking back till she could not see me anymore. But that din"t discourage me from still opening the front door when hot.
61-65, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

i would have gone a bit further with that woman