Clothes.. Ha.

I hate the idea of wearing clothes all the time. When nobody's home I just cant be assed getting dressed. I'll have a bit of a slob, chill out in the nude, and not care in the least. I'm not a nudist or anything, I'm just really lazy. I can't understand why anyone would voluntarily wear clothes if they're by themselves. I'm enslaved in copious amounts of cloth every day. Naked CoD is ALWAYS in order for the wind-down.

Hurrah for being naked!
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Wearing or not wearing clothes should be the choice of every individual, not the choice of society.

I always be naked at home even with my parents and sister

I'm totally with you on not wearing clothes if it feels right. But I don't agree when you say you are not a nudist. If you enjoy being nude you are a nudist. You don't have to go to camps or beaches to be a nudist. If you go to camps you're a campist, if you go to beaches you're a beachist, if you like being nude you're a nudist.

Going nude in a social setting is also very nice. You should try it sometime.

Me too!

Is it a requirement for you that your roommates be ok with your nudity? If they asked you to dress would you tell them no or suit up?

Yes it is and no I wouldn't. xD
I don't usually jsut bust out in the nuddy pants in front of my roomates (parents and partner)

In Austraila they say "onya"! Absolutely agree.

They sure do, I'm ozzie. ;)

Take it from a confessed nudist, you are and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a nudist. The being a slob and being too lazy to dress are excuses. I know I went through it as well until I accepted and became a house nudist absolutely. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world and so freeing of the mind. Please find my question in which I issue a challenge and reply to it.

I'm really not a nudist. I legitimately just cannot find the energy to put a million layers of clothing on. Whilst I would like to be a nudist, I still suffer various psychological issues that refrain from letting me completely comfortable in my own skin. One day? Maybe. But I still do get that "stage fright" sometimes.

could not agree more Not So am the same naked all the time

Interesting... I always wear clothes... just something I learned I guess growing up in a house with parents and siblings... my last bf liked me to be naked all the time when we were home, but i realized that was a power trip on his part. I may not get all dressed up, and I shed the dam bra as soon as I'm thru my front door, but I am always dressed...

Yes! shedding the bra is like that feeling when you've won something fab.

That's interesting. Sometimes i'm dressed around the house, but most of the time I'm simply lazy and don't want to put clothes on.

I also grew up in a conservative family, my siblings know about me but steadfastly will not knock about nude. Point is even if you grew up believing the crap about clothing just ***** off one day and stay that way.

exactly. i usually only wear clothes when i have to, otherwise, why? feels so natural and liberating to be free of them.

I reckon! Man, I'm all chillin' at home, dancing like a lunatic to some dumb music, and I don't even have to wear any clothes because nobody's at home and nobody cares! Even when my partner's home, I still sometimes struggle to be interested in putting clothes on.

I agree with you it is like a sence of freedom to be free and naked all day at home if I want to be.

I grew up in a clothing opp home, during summer months my sister and I were naked quite a lot, my mom was topless much of the same time. Family skinny dipping was common.

We weren't lazy, we just didn't care to wear much when it was warm.

I totally agree with you , nothing wrong with that . I always am nude when I am on my own .