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My daughter went to me and my husband and asked whe was going to get out family picture taken. It was about 8 years since we got our family picture taken. She said her best friend (which her family is nude all the time too) is considering to take a nude family picture. The mother (my bestfriend) already went to the mall and secretly asked the manager of the picture place if they do that type of pictures. He said they do about twice a year. He said that he would take the family to the far end shot room and close the drapes. After years in this business, they relieze there are alot of families that prefer to be nude and that is business too. How would that look like in th middle of our wall, a picture of all of us nude, posing. People who come to our house would see us nude anyway. Sometimes, my husband would get dressed, but for me and my daughter, we always stay nude in our house. I think it would be ok. If they would see that picture they would of seen us naked anyway. For a bonus, my husband said he would keep photos of us in his wallet too. His friends already came by and seen us. I'm trying to imagine if your spouse shows a stranger a picture of his/her family and they were nude, would that stranger be embarrassed. I'd asked my chat friend who went back to her homeland in Europe. She said it was common to have families to be nude in their home and at the beach and spas. If someone show her a naked family picture she would say it was cute. But we all know this is America. I'm guessing it would be ok, as long as those pictures stays in the house. What do you guys think?
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we did one professional set nude when my oldest daughter was very young and my first wife was very pregnant with my son, and my second partner took some great shots of me playing and dancing naked with my youngest daughter, but i wish now that we had also invested in several professional sets with all of us naked together when the kids were older...

If you always stay nude at home, and everybody see you naked anyway. Why should you wear clothes on your family picture?

I'd love for my family to consider this too. I totally admire what you've done. Have you considered sharing it on EP ?

I say go for it!

Pose naturally nude as God's creations. Be proud of who you are.

In terms of social nudity, this country is so prudish/backward that most Americans would frown upon a nude family photo. I envy the families that have had nude group shots taken.

If you feel confortable doing the photo that way, there is no matter. For sure your husband isn't going to show your naked pics to a complete stranger, perhaps he could bring a pic of the family clothed ans an other one nude and show every one depending on the confident he is with who is showing it.

it sounds perfectly fine to me

I think it's cool. Showing no shame. But I do think that I wouldn't show family naked pics to everyone. If your friends know that you're nudist then it's cool. But to your non nudist friends they not be comfortable seeing them nor would they accept it. But still I think it's cool.

my wife is against nudism, but I think that it would be great to have a nudist family. I would be proud to display a nude family portrait. I might not put it right at the entrance of the house but in a more discreet location like the stairwell going upstairs to the bedrooms or something like that would be awesome.

It sounds a great picture to have on your wall

What a good idea. I think that I'll ask my wife is she'll consider this too.

Well... we took the pictures. The photographer gave us 15 minutes to get ready as she finished up her prior client. I was teasing with my husband that we should walk around the mall nude. I was playing with his penis as I was joking. The photographer came in and we all stood or sat where she told us too. The first picture was me sitting in the chair and everyone else was standing behind me or or sitting in front of me. My husband was behind me, to my right. The photographer asked us if we wanted to wait for a little bit. I asked her why? She pointed by my right side of my face. I asked if I had something on my face and started to fell it. She pointed again and I turned to have my husband rock hard penis in my face. I'd laughed and said it was fine and to continued on. He said I'd played with him too much. I just petted his penis and said it was ok. So half of those pictures, he was hard. At the editting, she asked if we wanted to do those pictures again. The family agreed we didn't mind it, since we see him hard most of time anyway. I'd picked up the pictures yesterday and I hung up that first picture in our family room.

Thanks. My neighbor came over yesterday and saw the pictures. She said my husband's hard on looked very nice and was in good taste. She said it shows how we really are.

I applaud you and your family for having the picture taken and for hanging it.

Good suggestion. I hope the picture comes out well. I have a family photo taken some years ago standing in front of a "western" style facade at a nudist park in Arizona.

A lot of familes do that. I have only one female friend who covers herself if children are present. The rest of my female friends, and I just stay nude. Clothes are a human invention. There was a time when everyone walked around nude. What is the big deal?

I think thats great and I am seriously thinking of doing one of our family as they are all older and have not done a portrate in many years thanks for the idea.

I too , will agree . It's your house , and down to you as a family . Great story too , really enjoyed reading it , thanks for sharing .

Of course you should do so! Just be sure to be naked for quite some time otherwise the skin will show traces of clothing. And take care everyone is really shown full frontal, it's all about the genitals for such an occasion. Smoothly shaved looks much better. Men would like to stroke their penises for some time to look longer. And obviously be barefoot. We have a lot of such portraits, all by a self timer though. A real photographer will make a difference!

good advice for anyone considering similar family photos... especially time to avoid marks from clothes, bare feet, and the optional 'fluffing'...

I think that it is entirely up to you and your family.

It's your family, and your home. If you are okay with others seeing you really nude at home, well then a photo is okay too!

More power to ya' - go for it!

I would love to have your lifestyle and be comfortable enough to just stay nude all the time. I encourage you to take those nude family pictures/portraits, but as others have said maybe not put them in the livingroom for everyone to see, just those who've seen you that way!

We've had family photos taken while on the beach or the back yard while nude, but never a group photo that I would hang on the wall.