Daddy Says I Have To Be Naked

Daddy took all my panties and hid them. He also hid my shorts and pants too. He says my butt and **** need to be showing for him. So i cant go anywhere until he lets me have them back. I asked him when i can have them and he got mad and said dont ******* worry about it *****, you ask me again you will get rough assfucking for a week!
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6 Responses Mar 14, 2013

Is this consensual or is he over stepping his bounds a bit? Not having that bit ite leaving me a little confused as to whether you like this or not. Our sure sounds like you don't enjoy it very much.

Some people...try understand what the writer is referring to before you make silly comments

Stories like this make me wonder what the hell has become of this Experience Project.

that is real creepy coming from your dad


Enjoy it! I love being naked as much as possible!

He shouldn't have to take away your clothes for you to go naked. If he suggests that he would enjoy seeing you naked, you should take off your clothes and put them away until he suggests differently. You sound very uncooperative almost starting a fight. Just enjoy going around naked and showing off.