Nude House Roaming And More...

I live alone so being nude in the house always happens I ***** as soon as I come in. When I do have my gf over I am usually in my underwear and she laughs when we get home from somewhere how fast I am out of my clothes. I just find clothes restricting. I don't really like to go anywhere without underwear but i do sometimes when I have comfortable shorts. I buy certain kinds of underwear too that are soft and feel like there not even there. Sometimes when people are here watching a movie or something I will put a blanket on and drop my shorts. I usually just wear comfortable shorts when people are over without underwear to do this. It wouldn't bother me a bit if someone that was visiting didn't want to wear clothing.
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Good to hear I'm not alone in not wanting to wear clothes in my own home! I will go naked when my Wife is home, but am affraid to let other family members see me cause I figure it would freak them out!!

We'll come visit you wearing nothing but smiles.

would be cool to have some people over that would like to hang out nude.

I agree. It's fun

I did have a roommate although we didn't hang out nude we didn't bother covering up when we walked out of the shower to our rooms. We were both use to it so it wasn't a big deal.

He might have even been into hanging out nude IF he thought it would've been OK with you. Just sayin'.

not really sure. I do know that the reason we did not have a problem is that we lived with communal showers before.

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Why do you get dressed when you have company over?

Most wouldn't be comfortable with it, and I don't want to have my friends uncomfortable, not wanting to come by.