I Would Do It More ...

I love to walk around naked but my teenage daughter thinks it's disgusting ... so for her sake I cover up ... last week I burned my bum on the iron - perhaps I need to be more careful ... haha

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wheres my add o naked 1

My mother thinks it's disgusting too but I am nude as often as possible, but she lives nearby and likes to visit randomly and she caught me a few times.

You should convince her to be nude too.

I walk around the house naked too. Not a good idea when you're frying eggs though. Ouch!

great word picture

i ll walk with ya

I think the official book of parenting requires us to embarrass our teenagers. Lol...most of our parents did something to annoy us especially in front of others.

on my way with some cream xx

ha can i get an add


Don't let her deter you from your freedom.. I love being naked at home and most days I am..

I do this all the time - no not the iron thing!!

My family would frown on my nudity as well. My wife just gives me weird looks and makes under the breath comments when I lay outside in my yard naked. Kids would definitely not like it.

I want to **** you

Oh dear. One good point though. It's lucky the phone never rang while ironing. Badly burned ears, my dear, lol. Am off to buy binoculars to scan the the environs for naked women.........with that triangle burn on those sweet cheeks, lol.
Let it all hang out xx

Just finished reading all the responses. I agree with Kendo5 - he suggested you tell her, "Don't knock it until you've tried it!" Good suggestion.

However, it's now been over two and a half years since you wrote the story. What is your daughter's attitude now? Or has she left home?

Thanks for reading. Her attitude hasn't changed - our situation has - she has left home and so have I !! Long story.

Ah, well, life happens. Perhaps she'll change her mind some day when she gets past her "it's gross" issues.

As for you, hang in there, NEVER compromise on your principles, and keep yourself happy.

how did u burn ur bum ?

I am sure that your home is a much more beautiful place when you choose to walk about in it naked.

I do that, I like to cook and clean the house with nothing on. So much easier not getting twisted undies working around the house. Like you around 3 I find shorts to put on before my daughter comes home. Blah..

How old is your daughter? My daughter is in her 30's and she doesn't like to see her dad nude either. But sometimes i can wear a thong around her and she is OK with that. She also said if she was raized around nudity she would be ok with it.

As long as no one sees so what? I always paid extra for lundry. I love the feeling.

Please do not hurt yourself.

Your bum was so wrinkled you wanted to Iron it? Hmmm. Not good. ;)

haha ... yes, one of the many hazards of aging!!

Hope daughter gets over it for your. Sake

Try frying bacon in the nude!!!!

ouch!! haha

more ouch, ouch, and ouch.

And where do I put the tongs?

Love the feeling of freedom not wearing clothes. The family is not into it so I do it when alone out of respect. Have a large block and enjoy the feeling of sun on my skin.

thanks for commenting cathy! you're probably not clumsy but just vulnerable when naked!!

My wife always does it (***** her clothes off) to tease me when we're alone at the house. Any kind of sleeping clothes stay at home when travelling us two. It helps that she's got a killer body, so she keeps me hard in automatic and she either seems to have fun doing it or she . I find it impossible to have her nude at the house and not having an erection, and it makes me the living proof that she is HOT. Since being "hard" is pleasant, I just let it show, often it gets a good ending. Adult games are lost of fun when both decide to play without inhibitions.

I have a 12 yo son who gives me grief about being naked around the house but I think it's more about the fun of giving Dad grief than it is any ob<x>jection to nudity.

I have a 12 yo son who gives me grief about being naked around the house but I think it's more about the fun of giving Dad grief than it is any ob<x>jection to nudity.

My parents are the same...instead they think its only for gays, but then again I AM GAY

I usually wear an apron when I'm ironing but my bum is bare and I v'e not burnt it yet. I wouldn't cover up for your daughter she'll get used to it.

LOL @ mizz ... impromptu sausages ...

I'm far too accident prone to contemplate this, blissy, impromptu sausages and all that...

thanks for commenting marybird ... comfort all around is the main issue!

haha ... well said michelle!!

things haven't become quite that bad yet WAM ... but thanks for the comment!

I agree Lovethebush, in the 51-55 female age group there is alot of "hanging" and "loose"

I used to love walking around nekkid, after the kids came that wasn't ok anymore somehow. i kinda blew out of shape anyways and who wants to see a fat hubby wobbling about....

haha .. I'll bet she wasn't ... I can imagine that a dignified elderly lady would be horrified!!

haha AP ... yes ... some people just don't appreciate it do they?!

thanks nemo ... I'm sure walking around your house naked would be an experience I wouldn't forget!!

Haven't tried naked swimming myself - though it sounds fab. Have been in our hot tub naked though which was incredible. When those jets and bubbles whoosh around you - it's like fizzy heaven.

Well (as happens in our household anyway) they seem to cope with whatever they see. Hopefully not doing them too much damage. Ha ha if we suddenly started covering up they might think something was wrong!

Trying to work out teenagers and their hangups is a life long past-time roj!!

Teenagers? Who cares. Nothing they haven't been seeing for the past x-teen years....

The odd thing is EM that I don't consider it particularly sexy ... I just do it because it seems like a natural thing not to cover up all the time. I don't think about it. I certainly don't do it to be provocative in any way ... I would just rather not wear clothes sometimes. A nudist camp would be fun though and I love to swim and sunbathe naked when I can.

Been reading through the years of comments on your story. I love this response!

I think it's great that you do this. I love to walk around naked too though my wife never does :( plus my teenage son would throw up!<br />
It's liberating, it feels sexy, it feels naughty - yet wonderful! My greatest secret desire is to visit a nudist camp but my better half would never even consider it. Maybe in the next life? ;)<br />
Plus I hate clothes - my skin is the only thing that seems to fit properly!<br />
<br />
Power to you! The human body is a thing of great beauty - be proud of it.

I'm not a nudist combook ... just don't care about walking around naked from time to time!!

My 28-year-old wife and several friends are home nudists. We like it.

LOL @ collar

haha ... it's only a matter of time threesocks!!

Well, it was a few weeks ago now, and it's much better ... but yes ... definitely ... please do ... haha

@ WiB - I am sorry to hear about your burnt bum. Can I kiss it better??

ya the cooking thing can be a real pain

LOL. Not the frontside. Ouch...

haha ... a man with perspective ... well done roj ... exactly!

Gawd. Who has the ironing board at breast height? If you're going to get a burn, the backside's the place!<br />
<br />
Nice work, WiB.

Interesting thought bare469, but I doubt that's the case!!

@ohnudeone - the truth of how I burned my bum is not nearly as exciting as it could be ...<br />
@NDD ... I can squeeze you in this evening ... I have a small gap in my schedule <br />
@floridabreeze ... sounds wonderful.

ring ... ring... "Hello? I'd like to make an appointment with WiB for a private showing. When can you fit me into her schedule? I know she's quite busy. Yes, I'll hold." La la la .....waiting patiently....

Thank you for your comments guys ... you are all very attentive <br />
<br />
@NDD and Coyote - the scar can be viewed privately by appointment.<br />
@Steve - what sort of benefits did you have in mind?<br />
@floridabreeze - see you by the pool ... bring chips

WIB, I do not think that is what is ment by ironing a few things out with your daughter!!!!<br />
<br />
I do not even want to know HOW you got the iron on your backside. If you burned your boobie, then I would believe it more, but your bum? LOL.

Yeah ... me to Huh Huh can I Huh Huh?<br />
{strictly in the interests of patient care ya unnerestan}

I stand corrected CG<br />
<br />
WiB Just give me a little notice the trip across the pond is a long one.

Thank you so much NDD ... I accept your generous offer of assistance with pleasure ...

Oh CG --- you know a wrinkled bum is a thing that demands exquisite care. Removing those creases is one of my favorite pastimes. So... WiB forgo the iron and let me see if I can get you to swell a little so those lines will disappear.

haha coyote ... you caught me out!! have to get rid of those wrinkles somehow ... LOL

sounds great nabf - I'm hoping my daughter will outgrow her aversion to nakedness ... I'm hoping its a phase!!

Our teenagers love it and you can't keep them in clothes once school is out for the summer. Thank goodness we live way out in the country in the middle of 45 acres and can all go naked as we please. To me no clothes = no laundry !!! Good point. We have a nice pool and a huge pond which is good for swimming too if you don't mind a muddy bottom of black mud which you can get stuck in if your not careful. As for walking around the house I love being able to wake in the morning and stroll through our home completely naked to go for a morning cup of coffee.

Watch out for the bush in the brush!

Watch out for the "brush" on the "Bush"....lol

haha ... I'm sure you can still get plenty of sparks from a small fire ... !!!

we can make it a very small fire.....I don't jump as high as I used to =)

haha ... it's a date then oldnwise ... we'll just be a little careful to jump high enough ...

just have to be careful when jumping over the fire.......wouldn't want to start a brush fire =)

LOL....come with me next time and we can dance naked around the campfire and howl at the moon

yes oldnwise ... haven't walked naked in the woods before ... sounds like something I must do sometime!!

I loose the clothes as soon as I hit the front door...they are too constricting and hot to wear,<br />
<br />
But...my favorite thing is walking naked in the woods. It is like being totally free and almost primordial.....just have to watch for briar bushes and tall grasses....lol

Thanks Smurfie ... I will vote for you and you can kiss my bum better for me ... xxx

It is the most amazing feeling to walk around naked, not just at home but everywhere you can without contravening the law. One day when I am big and become state president, I will make a law to legalise nudity. Who's voting for me?<br />
BTW, I will gladly kiss your burned bum better. LOL

yes, no wonder !!!

please continue bliss,iwill do your ironing for you,naked?no wonder you are bouncy

I don't know cerberus ... I think it's just a teenage phase!

Why does your teenage daughter think it's disgusting? it's odd if you've always done it you would think that it's normal to her and no big deal. My daughters have always just accepted that I'm a nudist at home, I wander about the house and yard naked or in just my knickers whenever I like (weather permitting), no one thinks twice about it because it's just normal.

i think sometimes our teens are disgusted by our very existence...whether we are clothed or not...lol.

thank you steve ... next time I burn myself ... I'll get the butter out and phone you ...

Thank you"womaninbliss" for your comment, try to be more careful the next time. It's still the best feeling......freedom......letting everything hang loose!!!

haha dorrien .. very funny ...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Just tried to keep the "Bush" from burning! [lol]

haha yes ...

yes, not everyone appreciates it