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I Would Do It More ...

I love to walk around naked but my teenage daughter thinks it's disgusting ... so for her sake I cover up ... last week I burned my bum on the iron - perhaps I need to be more careful ... haha

womaninbliss womaninbliss 51-55, F 116 Responses Oct 4, 2009

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wheres my add o naked 1

My mother thinks it's disgusting too but I am nude as often as possible, but she lives nearby and likes to visit randomly and she caught me a few times.

To bad your daughter has not learned the wonderful feeling of being nude. Being nude around home is great but being outside with the sun and breeze on the skin is invigorating. I wish there was just one season so I could be nude all the time.

You should convince her to be nude too.

I walk around the house naked too. Not a good idea when you're frying eggs though. Ouch!

great word picture

i ll walk with ya

teenagers do make it harder to be free ,,

I think the official book of parenting requires us to embarrass our teenagers. Lol...most of our parents did something to annoy us especially in front of others.

Well well, something else we have in common, I sometimes resent having to "cover up". Never had any accidents with my "bits" though (touch wood).

on my way with some cream xx

ha can i get an add


Don't let her deter you from your freedom.. I love being naked at home and most days I am..

I do this all the time - no not the iron thing!!

wow be more careful next time

My family would frown on my nudity as well. My wife just gives me weird looks and makes under the breath comments when I lay outside in my yard naked. Kids would definitely not like it.

Same here, good thing is that children are gone, so i just have to be careful with the iron. Children don't see us as human beings but as father and mother, so don't expect them to understand our feelings and fantasy

I want to **** you


Yes be more carful. And yes my son is the same way now.

Oh dear. One good point though. It's lucky the phone never rang while ironing. Badly burned ears, my dear, lol. Am off to buy binoculars to scan the the environs for naked women.........with that triangle burn on those sweet cheeks, lol.
Let it all hang out xx

Just finished reading all the responses. I agree with Kendo5 - he suggested you tell her, "Don't knock it until you've tried it!" Good suggestion.

However, it's now been over two and a half years since you wrote the story. What is your daughter's attitude now? Or has she left home?

Thanks for reading. Her attitude hasn't changed - our situation has - she has left home and so have I !! Long story.

Ah, well, life happens. Perhaps she'll change her mind some day when she gets past her "it's gross" issues.

As for you, hang in there, NEVER compromise on your principles, and keep yourself happy.

how did u burn ur bum ?

I am sure that your home is a much more beautiful place when you choose to walk about in it naked.

Good comment HStoner!

I do that, I like to cook and clean the house with nothing on. So much easier not getting twisted undies working around the house. Like you around 3 I find shorts to put on before my daughter comes home. Blah..

How old is your daughter? My daughter is in her 30's and she doesn't like to see her dad nude either. But sometimes i can wear a thong around her and she is OK with that. She also said if she was raized around nudity she would be ok with it.

It's your house, so it's your rules. So get naked all you want as far as I'm concerned.


well that's too bad. you could always tell her that she doesn't have to look at you if she doesn't like your nudity, because one should always be able to feel free in their home. what better way to do that than being naked? =]

Can you say ouch without swearing? Smiling n lol.

You are free in your own home, why not feel free.