I Am Claustrophobic

i am honestly naked as often as possible. if i was confident enough and did not live in a creepy area i would go outside naked XD

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You might try a nudist resort sometime, everyone is naked and it's very safe for women.

I understand where you come from!

Let everything hang free and swinging....Total Freedom!!!1

I also enjoy the freedom of nudity. Society rules what is right concerning display of human bodies. I enjoy every minute day or night in my house feeling my energy can pass freely without clothes. I walk around my yard nude in the summer months at times as well. I walk between my house and sauna with out clothes. Many times coming back from sauna I will lay nude on my lawn and admire the stars and planets until the mosquitos force me to go to the house. I live in a very rural area and own most of the land around my residence so I can be free of spirit and spend some time in the same manor as I was brought into this world. Since my wife crossed over and my kids are gone nudity is part of my world and feeling of nature. I have never owned a pair of pajamas and unless getting old and going to a hospital deems that I will not start now.

ive been waiting for this group!..lol yes lately ive been walking around naked at night in my room. tho wish it was warmer downstairs...): my nipples freeze..lol heheh

Where you live has a lot to with it. I am sure there are some neighbours that would not mind, and there are those that it would offend. Then there are those that might take advantage of the situation, and force themselves on you. It is best to place it safe, and visit a resort or club where it is acceptable. Otherwise it is still nice to walk around the house nude, but I do understand the claustrophobia.